Gemme: Catch-up

It has been so long since I have written here, forgive me.

Me and Luca had bought a house in Newberry, it was a few hours from Cameron but I like it. Quite a lot has happened, Emily was Luca’s girlfriend but when he found out she cheated on him he pushed her down the stairs and killed her. It drove him further into drugs, just to shut her out of his head, so I practiced my powers and tried to rid the memories from him, but instead I may have erased some other things as well. They were insignificant but still...oh! Before I erased his memory he managed to stutter out an ‘I love you!’ Now he says it more often, which is nice. He also doesn’t freeze up when I kiss him and he’s really shown me his softer side.

I also got some tattoos, a phoenix covering my whole back and two dragons, one on each arm. I won’t go into too much detail though. Now then I had met someone called Jeremy in a local gallery, his mind was so dark and twisted and this was only reflected more in his paintings. It got into an awkward conversation and I tried to leave, but he followed me. He saw Luca and walked away, the days from there went well. I managed to get a gallery space downtown and I had begun to paint a new series.

I was also invited to an art party, but Jeremy turned up and Luca started a fight with him. Jeremy threatened to kill him and ran off. I got seriously unhappy and left, Luca managed to make it up to me though. We then arranged a trip to the beach. Which was glorious, I won’t go into too much detail but here:

We lay under the stars after watching the sunset and they seemed to dance like fireflies, he held me close to him and whispered that he loved me. I smiled, staring into his deep, chocolate brown eyes that glimmered in the starlight. I wished we would be together forever as a star fell from the heavens and it was perfect.

Well, it was.

Until we went back, Luca went to pay for fuel at the petrol station and I got kidnapped, two guesses who... Jeremy, that’s right. Luca sped down the highway after him and Jeremy had planned to kill me and him so we could be ‘together, forever in the afterlife.’ When Jeremy went full-speed into a car Luca moved him out the way, and crashed his own car in the process. But he still pursued Jeremy and saved me, then knocked Jeremy out and drove him back to the beach where he left him there.

Then I drove home and Luca came too, eventually. We also stole Jeremy’s car, but once again Jeremy followed us home. I got sick of his interruptions so I made him commit suicide when he got home. Then Ben came and I walked upstairs and flopped face-first onto my bed. Luca and Ben are now catching up in the kitchen.

Oh right! Ben was a tattooist who I had a one-night stand with. I became all high and mighty and he came back later and tried to rape me. Yeah, that failed by the way. Luca found out and beat him up but I told Luca it wasn’t his fault as Ben’s girlfriend had screamed out someone else’s name one night. We then became friends. That cat Cosmo is also living with us. There, now you are all caught up I think.

Right now I lay on my bed, my head pushed into my covers. I felt guilty about wiping his thoughts, I was thinking about what could have possibly happened if I left them there, would he still love me like he does? Would he still be on drugs, or would he have forgotten about them like he has now? Too many things ran through my head and I just needed to clear it.  

The End

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