Libra: Flight Times

Three Day's Earlier.
We walked through the airport with are bags.
I checked on everyone everyday, sometimes even every hour. But everything was fine, this wasn't my idea. Leo has even started a career in show business.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" I asked squeezing Ike's hand,

"For the last time Lilly, yes!" he joked. I pulled him to stop and he looked directly in my eyes. "Yes." I rolled my eyes and sighed. "What?" he questioned.

"Nothing" I muttered as I hid my face in his chest. "What about Gemme?" I whispered.

"Hmm?" he said stroking my hair.

"What about Gemme?" I muttered a little louder. He hesitated.

"What about her?"

"She's you sister Ike. You haven't seen her in weeks." he sighed.

"It's not just my decision Lilly. She's with Luca any ways, we don't get along that well." we started walking again. I didn't want to push him, it wasn't fair.

We haven't even brought our tickets. This is how unprepared I was on my part, Ike just woke up one morning and announced that he wanted to see where I used to live. Pretty random right?

"Why are you so worried any way?"

"Well I'm an only child, I have no idea what it's like to have brothers and sisters. How I would feel if I just found one and we didn't talk for weeks." he wasn't really listening as he was concentrating on the flight times.

He smiled, and started jogging nearly dragging me behind him "what are you doing Ike?"

"If were quick we could have fish ‘n' chips for tea!"  we laughed running trough the food court, getting the most evil looks off of people. I didn't care. England here we come.

The End

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