Capricorn: Whining, Climbing and Hiding.

I wake up on my bedroom floor, after that weird dream. So, what? We're all gunna have to fight against Marcus whether we like it or not? Great. I whine to myself, as I push myself up and off the floor.

My body aches with some weird pain, That dream couldn't have been real, it just couldn't. I can't tell the future, I can bearly choose what to wear in the morning. Oh I have responsablilies. I walk to my wardrobe, stick my head in and pull out my black skirt, white shirt and grey fronted waistcoat, with a silvery blue back. I jump over my bed, and pull my tights and underwear out. I dress quickly, and pin a goat pin to my waistcoat - yes, I do see the irony.

I walk out of the room, jog downstairs and pull on my knee length boots. I walk out of the still supprisingly quiet house. The wind hits my face like a wet cod, I wander out of the familiar cul-de-sac. I  walk in the direction of school, I don't know why, they don't seem to care about me anymore. The school hasn't phoned home to ask where I am, why I haven't been at school for the past two weeks, unortharised.

My 'friends' haven't phones or came round my house, to see how I am; they haven't been answering their phones either. It seems like, like I'm alone. I haven't seen any zodiacs in ages. It's like no one cares.

I walk through the front gates, no one so much as blinks in my direction, not supprising as the corridors and classrooms are deserted. Must be in assembly. I jog down the short flight of stairs, and wander into the hall. Empty.

Well, this seems familiar. I hear a mass of footsteps behind me, bugger. Without considering, I climb the netted room dividers, pulling myself toa ledge at the top and hide in small shadows.

I see them, Marie and Simon being pushed into the hall. By Marcus' men. "Aww, not you guys again." I whisper under my breath as I peek down thanking the stars for my perfect sight.

The End

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