I stood in the centre of a ring of  bodies on the floor, it was tiring work killing, it wasnt like I could get them from a far, I had to do the leg work.

I could feel where he was. My strength held out as I ran back in towards the holding facility, running across the ceiling to avoid being seen. I found the room but the door was locked and there were guards outside with large shotguns. Protective skin or not they would pack a punch.

I dropped behind one and sank my teeth into his neck. The second guard saw me and shot through the guard, catching me. I slammed against the door, groaning. I gritted my teeth and spat at her, she cried out as the venom burned her visor. I punched one guard in the stomach and pushed another into the wall, elbowing their helmet.

Then I grabbed the female.
"Open the door!" I ordered, she continued to scream as she typed in the numbers, her hands fumbling as the door slid open.

Several guards looked at me in shock. Grabbing the shotgun I blasted one who flew into another. The guards held out a needle and came towards me. One grabbed me as the second guard tried to push it in. The needle bent as he did.

"Tough skin-" I winked as I kicked his stomach and ran backwards pushing the guard holding me to the wall. I ran to the bed that Cancer was strapped too, "what are you doing here?" I wondered as I shook him awake.

He looked dazed at me, "God this isn't like what I usually take, you would have thought they'd at least give me morphine or summat," he groaned, "when did you get here?" his speech was slurred.

"Not long ago, I came here to free the kids, they are potential zodiacs when we get killed, if there are no zodiacs alive when the current zodiacs die, they get rid of us," I explained, letting go of him, "COME ON MOVE IT CANCER!" I roared grabbing his bare wrist I pulled him on.

The End

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