Cancer: drugged up

I fought back, when I woke up. I broke through that duct tape and tried to go on a rampage at the goons standing around me. Tried.

They didn't like that much, so one of them shot me in the stomach and took advantage of me collapsing to tie me down to this bed thing. It's really uncomfortable, by the way.

Of course, getting the bullet out of my stomach and healing up the hole it leaves in me is kinda more important, so I spend the next ten minutes forcing that bullet out and trying to heal the damage.

Except that once the bullet clatters to the floor and the hole is half healed, one of them steps forward with a needle full of something. He grins, moving slowly as if to torture me, because he knows I can't get away.

Wrong, my friend.

I glance at one of the buckles holding me down and release the belt, using my gold old telekinesis to make it whip him in the face. This really pisses them off, as the guy with the needle falls to the floor, clutching at his eye. There's blood on his hand and face and I guess you could call it a bull's eye. I release the rest of the buckles and push myself up, still a bit groggy from having woken up and being shot not long ago.

The rest of the goons are on top of me, piling in and shoving me back down. My head slams down on the hard surface and I wince at the sharp pain in my skull. I reach inside one of the goons and give the guy a heart attack - who ever said that healing powers couldn't be reversed? But this apparently doesn't deter them, and eventually, they get that needle in my arm. Whatever it is in that needle isn't nice.

It burns through me like they've just pushed fire into my veins and the moment I freeze up and stop fighting, they know it's worked. One by one my muscles relax and I can't make them move or do anything. I try to heal it away, to unbuckle the belts holding me down, but nothing works.

This drug is horrible. Nothing else I've ever taken has done anything remotely like this to me before.

Guess they were developing them especially for us zodiacs, huh?

In my half stupor, through the pain and the inability to move, I hear a commotion outside of the little room I'm in and I wonder vaguely what it is before - you guessed it - the world blinks out and I'm unconscious.

The End

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