Scorpio: Break In

The guys at the gate were easy. I walked up to them, they looked confused. They could see my trench coat, my black clothes and black hair and eyes, my pale skin and long sharp canines.

"Don't be scared lads," I put my hands on their shoulders and they slumped to the floor.

The gate and walls were three metres high. Time to do this thing.

I ran and jumped at the wall, sticking to it. I scuttled up and stood amongst the barb wire that had no effect on my tough skin.

I leapt easily onto the building's roof. I felt the venom in my mouth and spat onto the ceiling as it sizzled, creating a large hole.

Dropping down into the corridor I spat at the camera and put my hand on the door. I clentched my fist and the metal ripped. I pulled at the door, ripping it off it's hinges making a deafening clang.

I heard footsteps in the distance. Spitting at the lights I jumped onto the ceiling and crawled along it, hearing several guards enter.

I jumped behind the one at the back, biting his neck, he screamed and fell. They whipped round and shot but I was already on the ceiling. I spat at one and his helmet burned through his skull, they stared at him as I grabbed anothers helmet and crushed it.

The final three saw something drip.

They stooped down, blood.

The guards looked up to see a deathly pale face with huge teeth roaring. I dropped down as they shot. I fell on two, crushing them and sliced them in the throat then turned and leapt at the final guard, biting him.

I ran along the corridors until I found a prison.

There were more guards firing at me. I jumped on a wall, ran along it then leaped across the room to the opposite wall confusing them both.

I leapt, my mouth wide open as i hissed and ripped at his throat. The other guard tried to hit me with the butt of his gun, I grabbed it and cut it in half, grabbing his arm and crushing it.

"Open the doors!" I growled but he writhed in agony. I held my finger over the torn cloth, "open it or you die," I threatened.

"N-no!" he shouted.

I pushed him to the floor and ran to the prisons, cutting the metal bars with my grip.

All the kids stayed in their prisons, 13.

"Don't be afraid!" I tried to be reassuring, "I'm here to help."

They looked at each other and stepped out.

I felt the walls. One was colder than the others.

I spat at it several times and the plaster and mortar sizzled and melted into a disgusting gloop.

Wind buffetted my coat, outside was concrete ground. It was dark like it was the back of the complex. I urged them to run out and followed them, spitting at the outer wall to set them free.

A series of guards emerged, at least 30. I braced myself. As ever the kid, the monster, stared at me, raring to go. He was always with me, letting me see what would happen before it did in these fights, always one step ahead of the enemy. Only now I was in control.

Suddenly I had the feeling I should close my eyes.

I felt a familiar power nearby, Cancer, what the hell was he doing here?

The End

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