Saggitarius: Breakfast

I wakde up to find Thorn not next to me and panic slightly then I hear the soft fizzle of bacon being cooked.

I run down the stares and into the kitchen to find Thorn back turned at the cooker. Two plates are set up and I wait lazily leaning against the door frame.

He turns noticing me and smiles. I smile back and walk up behind him as he turns back to the cooker wrapping his arms around his waist.

"So, we going to go to the cinema then today?" I ask leaning round him to see his eyes.

He looks down. "After breakfast" he says taking one of my hands and twirling me in a circle. I hit his hand but can't help but laugh as we sit at the table.

"Mm is it fr-"

"I only eat free ranged" he says simple. Of, course. He's a Zodiac after all and we're all in tuned with nature so most of us stick to free ranfed or no meat at all. Then there are a few probably Luca that do eat any meat.

"Your a really good cook" I say taking a bit then shrieking with delight. It's cooked to perfection but is way better than I expect.

"Why thank you" he says smiling then we finish our breakfast.

The End

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