Leo: Leaflet

Once I had got back from the forest, I went and sat in the park with my notepad. I thought about the acting career I wanted to get into - yeah, I was being stupid there but I think I can take it seriously. I sketched things on my notepad; stickmen, anime and manga people, aimless swirls.. I stuck my iPod touch headphones in and listened to some random songs. My eyes searched around, and started walking again. I found myself wandering into the bustling streets. I pulled out one earphone and let it hang by my side. As I hovered through the crowd, I found something that looked like a dance studio.

I walked through the doors and to the front desk. The dark skinned lady's eyes widened - probably in my beauty, that got annoying after a while - and she took a few minutes to compose herself. I waited for her to do so.

"How may I help you?"

"Hi. I was wondering what this is? Is this practise for some sort of theatre production, or..?"

She smiled. "This is the auditions for a new theatre production."

"Mmhmm." I said, taking in my surroundings. "So, what play is it?"

"It's called 'Break it.' It's about a girl and a boy, which are the main characters and they fall in love but are in two totally different worlds, a bit like the film 'Grease', I guess.." She bit her lip and looked behind my shoulder. I followed her gaze. A line was beginning to form behind me.

"You haven't got a leaflet or anything? I don't want to hold people up." I smiled politely as she reached under her desk and grabbed a colourful piece of folded up paper. "And do I have to pay to audition? Can I go now?"

"You are meant to book to audition, it will cost a lot extra to audition now.."

I shook my head. "How much?"


I reached into my pocket and pulled out five 20 dollar bills. I gave them to the lady.

"Through that door," She mumbled, pointing behind her. I folded the leaflet up, put it in the pocket of my adidas jumper, took a deep breath, and marched through the double doors.

The End

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