Saggitarius: Thorn's Dad

I felt so fidgety as I knocked on Thorns door. He answered it but gestured for me to be quiet.

"Dads asleep and he's only just got out of prison" he whisper taking my hand and leading me into the kitchen. I sit at a chait at the table in the center.

"What was he arrested for?" I ask. Leaning forwards on my hands and he walks round the kitchen.

"Theft and Assault" he mutters turning to me and leaning back on the counter. "You want to learn how to make tacco's?"

"Sure" I say jumping up. We gather the ingrediants and when I'm ready Thorn moves up behind me.

"Cut through the tomarto here" he whispers. I felt like I would faint as we put the food together.

But I must admit they did taste good.

"You're good at cooking" I say as we begin to was up.

"You dry, I'll rinse" he say throwing me the towel. We begin to wash up and hen we're finished I hand him back the towel. Out finger brush and I freeze. Thorn does the same. I make the first movement. I step back and look away.

Thorn tosses the towel on to the counter and walks up taking my hands. I look up and he smiles. He leans down and kisses me.

I find my hands in his hair pulling him closer and falling back slightly. But his arms keep me up which are wrapped securely around my waist.

"I love you" He whispers pulling back an inch. Just then we hear movement and we step apart. Just in time before Thorn's dad come in.

"Who's this pretty girl here?" Thorns dad says gruffly and I notice him studying me.

"This is Arch" Thorn say pulling me tightly to his side and I'm glad for it cause Thorn's dad scares me. "We were just going"

Then he takes my hand and leads me out the kitchen and up to his room. We lay on his bed his arms tightly around me.

"Your dad scares me" I mutter.

The End

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