Leo: Forest

"Hmmm, hmm hmmmm..." I skipped down the empty streets. Wait. Ew, ew ew!! I was acting like a frilly little pink girl. I grimaced, and scolded myself. I didn't know where I was going. I had to go somewhere, though. I am not allowing myself to be cramped up in that tiny apartment the rest of my life. It was then I realised where I was going. A corner of my mind had knew all along, but refused to share the secret with me, until I saw where I was headed. I slid my hands into the shallow pockets of my lime green skinnies and kicked the dry mud with the fronts of my Converses. A sudden gust of cool wind blew towards me, my slightly wavy, scarlett hair blowing out behind me. I smiled at this and let it gently touch my cheekbones, my forehead, my nose, my lips.. It was like a cold hand sweeping delicately over my pale face. I gratefully breathed in the earthy smell of the forest, oxygen breezing through my nostrils, flowing softly from my mouth, cleaning my lungs. Barely anybody knew this forest, everybody else usually roamed through the one next to the field at school. That's why I loved this one. So peaceful, so.. alone. It was like I was in my own world. When I had finished enjoying it slowly, it was time for the energy to kick in - again. I took a long, deep, breath, and sprinted into the tangle of green and brown. I circled for ages, knowing these woods perfectly off by heart. I came to a small clearing - my clearing; I had claimed it years ago - and sat on the green grass, it swaying gently with the little breeze. "Hmmmmm." I murmured absently, falling back against it. I laid on my back for a while, and then switched to my side, curling up into a ball. I wasn't tired, at all, just enjoying the pure nature I was surrounded in. Again, I focused on the breeze, touching every part of my face, my shoulders, the cool hand running down my spine... And then I was somewhat aware that I was asleep in that same small corner of my mind.

The End

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