Leo: Hyper

I whizzed through the dark, frosty night. It would have been eerie for somebody else, everybody looked like a pedo in the dark. I snickered, I could beat them to a pulp. Sick, perverted idiots. I like protecting people. It builds my confidence, although I think I may overflow with it if I get anymore. Whatever. Overflow me. Like I care.

Things don't hold on me for long. Yeah, my Dad got murdered. As he said; he's in a better place now. No more worrying about if he's being hurt. 'Cause that can't happen anymore.

I shoved open my front door and went into the kitchen. I pulled out two small bags of ready-made toffee popcorn. I wasn't hungry enough for dinner. I chucked them onto the table, and switched the TV on, shoving 'Twilight' into the DVD player. I knew every word off by heart, I could probably act it out right now if I wanted to. If anybody was watching through the window they'd phone the loopy house to come and take me away.

I then had nothing to do, so I did handstands and cartwheels all over the house, jumped on top of all the furniture, pretended I was spider man, crouching on top of the cupboards and shooting 'webs' from my wrists. It was quite fun, actually.

When I finally climbed into bed, I was still way too hyper. I couldn't stop twitching. I kicked the covers off me several times, just for fun. I even made a camp. I pretended there were ghosts in the house, and I had to look out for them. I guess you could call it 'ghost watching'. At the end, I pretended the ghost had got me, and it was murdering me with a knife. It was very amusing. I think; if I wanted to, I could get into the acting career. Hmm. That's not a bad idea. I shrugged it off for later, I couldn't think about business when I was hyper. I truly didn't know why I was hyper, it happens quite a lot. Teehee.

I had finished murdering myself when the sun came up. I skipped downstairs and swiftly slipped a pop tart in the microwave.

And I knew I wouldn't be tired in the slightest today.

The End

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