Cancer: sell a painting

Okay. So it is one of those "I'm not gonna hit you, ‘cause you're a girl" things. I didn't think there was anything so wrong with that, but apparently Gemme doesn't like that. So I told her it wasn't. So sue me. I've been tasered by a policeman and locked up in a cell for the day. Excuse me for not being in the mood for another argument just yet.

Anyways, Gemme moves the conversation on, showing me her latest sketch. Me, again, but I had a black wing folded around me in this picture.

"You drew me while I was asleep?" I whine, half appreciating the picture's artistic value, half embarrassed she had seen me while I was asleep at all.

"You were sweet." She replies, "a very rare moment," I take a last look at the picture.

"It's a good picture. Just... once again, shame about the subject, eh?" I smile and hand the pad of paper back.

"Don't. You have no reason to doubt yourself." She says defensively. I look at her sideways and arch an eyebrow.

"I'm only being honest, Gemme. My body's alright. I worked on that. Not much I can do to save my face, though." I shrug, following her up the path to her door. She pauses and turns to me, the key in the door.

"All of you is handsome. In fact I believe I like your face best." I make the key turn in the lock and usher her into the house, trying not to blush or look embarrassed. She turns and sees the blush on my cheeks and laughs.

"The blush just makes you cuter." I scowl and call her something foul, throwing myself down on the sofa in a huff.  "I'm sorry. I couldn't help myself." She giggles. "Would you like something to eat?" I nod and refuse to look up until the heat leaves my face. "Okay. I'll leave you to calm down." I roll my eyes. I'm not pissed off, just embarrassed. There's a difference. She leaves anyways and cooks something.

The smell of pizza wafts into the living room as she brings it in, cut into slices on a plate. She sets it down on the coffee table and tells me to help myself. I do.

"I see you didn't get a new TV while I was in jail." I note as we eat.

"I'm still not gonna touch that money." I feel my eyebrow lift at her again.

"It's not like it's blood money or anything. And I gave it to you." I say through a half full mouth.

"It just doesn't feel right," she shrugs, finishing her slice of pizza. Picking up another one, she glances at her broken TV. I'm not bothered enough to hold my pizza any more and I drop my hand, wiping my fingers on my jeans. Taking a bite out of my floating pizza, I chew thoughtfully, wondering how she would react to coming home to a new TV after school next week.

"Fair enough. It's not like I even earned it, but there you go." I finish my own pizza and get the instant urge to light up, but I wait until she's done eating for a little while before I do.

"Mhm, I want to one day earn money like that." She says, going to clear the plate away. I lift it for her, putting it in the kitchen and smile as she watches the plate whizz out of the room.

"Sell a painting," I say.

The End

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