Gemme: Mind Bail

I knew where he was the whole time, I admit it. I linked myself to his mind. I also know he took drugs, again. I sighed, leaving the house I headed for the police station. By now I had gotten changed into a pair of black jeans and a black strap top. It was a little chilly outside but that never really bothered me. When I got to the police station I went to the desk. "Yes, I'm here to bail out Luca Tyler." The man sighed, shuffling through papers. "Yeah, he's here. Now, the fine for use of drugs plus assault equals..." I roll my eyes placing my hand on top of the police officers I smiled. "You will pay that fine out of your next pay packet; when they ask why say I paid you and you needed the money." He looked at me in a trance and I smiled. I felt like a Jedi. He nodded and showed me to Luca's cell.

Inside was a sleeping Luca, I took a seat outside and waited for him to awake. It gave me time to think and I decided I wouldn't mention the drugs, it was over now. It was in the past. The dazed policeman unlocked the door and walked off. I thanked him and leant back on the wall, doodling in my notebook as I did so. Once again I drew Luca, I couldn't help it. I just drew what came into my head. He was asleep, peaceful. A single black wing wrapped around him. It was strange sure but I had painted worse.

He opened his eyes and groaned, then closed them again. I laughed. “Good morning, well, evening really.” He groaned again and I took a bottle of water from the side, I had drunk a little of it and offered it to him. He reached out a hand but didn’t move a muscle. I sighed opening the door to the jail cell, handing him the water. He took it and drank the rest of it; luckily I didn’t want much of it anyway. “From what I heard you gave them quite the run for their money.”

He sat up half way, "I got them good," he grinned, wiping his mouth.

"I know.” I nodded, “How you feeling?"


"Well, you’re free to go whenever you like."

He slumped back onto the bed. "I want to sleep." He moaned.

"You've been sleeping for quite a while. Surely these beds aren't that comfortable?"

"They're fine,"

"Well I've paid your bail and you can't stay here I'm afraid."

“Mmkay. Is there any of that money left?"

"Of course,” I grinned, “I made the police man pay for it out of his next couple of wage packets."

He laughed. "You're a piece of work, you," He got up and smiled, "C'mon, then,"

I admit it was good but not quite as good as what I saw him do. Okay, so he was high but still. Wow. “I'm a piece of work? I'm not the one that beat up four armed policemen."

"Without my knife, too," he grins. "I probably shouldn't be vaguely proud of that,"

"Oh well, it's still quite a feat." I nodded, grabbing his hand as we left, my notebook tucked under my other arm. "I'll fix you something to eat when we get back."

"Thanks," he glances at my hand around his and hesitantly returned the grip. But I didn’t mind, he was taking his time and I could live with that. Especially since I knew he didn’t actually want to leave.

"Hey, I gotta make up for my mistakes somehow." I didn't want to hold onto that subject so I changed it to a more pleasant one. "When you planning on getting that tattoo?"

"I dunno. It needs to be scaled up a bit. I had a go last night, but I fail at art." I smiled; of course I had to offer my services. Art was one of the few things I was actually good at.

"Would you like me to...?"

"Sure, if you like. I'll take it to the tattoo guy I know and make him do it if you can't be bothered."

"I'd rather do it myself thanks." I smiled softly. "I'm sorry for getting you so angry earlier." I didn’t want to dwell on the subject but I felt I had to say something. I wouldn’t feel right otherwise.

"S'ok. I'm alright now, I had fun getting those police guys, till they tasered me.”

"Ouch." I mumbled. "Next time, just take it out on me... at least I won't get that hurt and I won't taser you nor lock you up." That’s another point, he would never hurt me. I wasn’t sure if it wasn’t one of those “you’re a girl,” things or not.

"I'm not gonna punch you."

"I'd rather me than them. Crazy; I know."

"But they deserve it."

"But I was the one that made you that way."

"I'm still not gonna punch you,"

"It's not because I'm a girl is it?" I hate those people, yes I’m a girl. I could still kick your ass if I wanted too. Better yet, I could make you kick your own ass.


"It is isn't it?"


"Oh good, I hate those people." I wouldn't press the matter, he was obviously uncomfortable.

“Oh.” He mumbled I wish I lived closer to the police station at this point. If I had I would have been in the kitchen cooking by now.

"Why do you hate guys that don't hit girls?"

"Because I'm just as good at defending myself, I could even make them kick their own ass!" I loved that, I always used to threaten my brother with that excuse.

 "Huh. I'll stick to police. You don't have guns and a lack of morals!"

"So that was the reason you wouldn't hit me,” I knew I said I wouldn’t but I couldn’t help it. He shrugged and I left it there. I did however give him my notebook, showing him the latest sketch of him.

The End

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