Taurus: Giddy

I still feel slightly giddy as we walk back to her apartment. I kiss her softly at the door then walk off heading for my house.

Dad will be there..... resently out of prison.... The house will be a mess. I groan and walk to the house silently.

I actually kissed her. I mean.... Wow!

We hadn't spoken much after but I felt as if my heart in my chest was trying to pull me back to her.

It's just then my phone rings.


"Ummm..." Arch voice is nervous. "I'm sorry I don't know why I called you" I hear her laugh and I can't help but smile even though I know she can't see it.

"Would you like to come over later?" I ask.

"Okay" she says then realises how eager it sounded. "If that's okay with you"

"Of course it is" I say feeling my heart ache in my chest.

"Well, be there at 7"

"Bye Arch" I whisper.

"Bye Thorn"

The End

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