Capricorn: Not again.

I walk around my room, the windows locked, the door locked. Bored bored bored. I think to myself. I do star jumps, sprint on the spot, do some sit-ups and press-ups.

After five minutes and 300 lunges (yes, I'm that bored!) I collapse on my bed, finally tierd. My eyes feel droopy, but somethings odd within the room. I force myself up - a little too quickly - and wobble slightly from side to side, I glance around only seeing some light in random parts. A little ghost apperes in front of me, a mini me.

"Aww. Not you again," I moan. She smiles and clicks her fingers, I fall back onto my pillows, in deep blackness.

When I open my eyes, and I'm back on the mountain, the sky a rainbow of colours.

"Hello again, Callie."

"Hello again, mini-me." I breeze out, the mountain making me feel better - even if it isn't real.

"I bet you are wondering, 'why am I here?'" Mini-Me says.

"I suppose I am."

"Don't be sarcastic to her!" Bigger-Me says.

"I wasn't being scarcastic." I say, Bigger-Me growls.

"So, 'Why am I here?'" I mimic Mini-Me.

"You're here because," Bigger-Me says. "Because you are. You only come here when you need to see."

"See what?"

"Whatever you're ment to see."

"Well, thanks for that Miss Fortune Cookie."

"Don't be so AGGHHH!" Bigger-Me exclaims, Yep, you're definatly me!

Bigger-Me dissolves into the background. "ByeBye for now, Callie." Mini-Me smiles, and then she too disolves into the background.

I stand alone, on my personal mountain. The void opens up once again, I see them. I see them all, once again. My old school friends, Marie and Simon who disowned me when they found out who I am. My family, the zodiacs and everyone any of us have ever met.

The void pulls me in, I freefall in the stratosphere and land with a thud on the floor. No one notices me, Nothing new then. I push myself up and survey the room.

My eyes widen as I see myself on one side of the room, standing tall with the other zodiacs, all of us dressed in black. Looking very, very tough.

On the otherside of the vast area, is everybody any of us have met. All herded into a small area, forced in by 100+ men with h-u-g-e guns. In front, my old friend Marcus or whatever his name is, stands before us with a scary looking woman.

We all look ready and waiting to fight, Marcus says some words; I can't here, buzzing in my ears is too loud. The scene starts to... wobble and I'm flung back onto my mountain.

My breath is hard, I push myself up. Only to see my self portrayed 3 times. Mini-Me and Bigger-Me and scary-kick-butt-Me.

S-K-B-Me says, "And now you know." They all smile and click their fingers.

Next thing I know is I'm laying across my floor; I don't go flying into the air, like they do in the movies. Instead, my eyes snap open, I turn onto my right-hand side pulling my knees up to my stomach.

I stay there until all goes black again.

The End

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