Leo: Facade


Just gotta do it.

This may be quite amusing, actually.

I strode up the path to 'Gemme & Luca's' house. They've known eachother for, like, four days? And they've already moved in together? Morons. I knocked on the door loudly; I didn't care if I woke any of them up. Luca opened the door with his stupid telekinisis, (lazy git), and his expression turned hard when he saw me.

"What." He said through gritted teeth. He was sitting on the sofa, legs crossed on a table and an ashtray balancing on his leg.

"Hey, I've come to be nice, so don't get all stroppy with me."

He scowled. "Luca, I'm not gonna say I feel bad about burning your drugs, because, you're really an idiot to even take them." I grinned. "But I kinda saw you had the hump after that so I thought I'd give you some money to make up for it." I watched his expression carefully, but the only thing that changed was the set of his mouth as he spoke.

"Aw, thanks so much! What am I getting? $100? Aww, you shouldn't have!" He said in a sarcastic tone.

"Nope." I dug my hand into the pocket of my scarlett skinny jeans. "Something more like $10,000."

His face lit up, but he hid it with a mask, I didn't see any need for a facade. I threw the money to him, and he caught it.

"What an over reactor. It's just a bit of money." I muttered with a grin as I flew off into the dark night.

The End

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