Gemme: Tattoo Designs

The walk to the art shop was a pleasant one, neither of us talked but I could tell by the smile on his face that we were both happy. I hadn’t designed a tattoo before, there was a time in my life when I wanted one but when I couldn’t decide on what I wanted I gave up. In my head I ran through a few ideas although I figured I would have to plan out what they would look on him and I didn’t want to stare while they looked around the shop.

Eventually we decided on an A2 sized pad, he said that A3 would be big enough but I wanted some room to plan ideas. We got it and headed home, I had quite a few ideas by now but I had no idea where to put them or how to fit them so they looked good on his torso. I sighed, opening the door again. By now it had begun to get dark and the stars began to shine above us. “Umm, this may sound weird but umm...” I tried not to blush as I asked. “Could you take your top off please?”

He took his top of as soon as I asked and without hesitation. "It's hardly weird for designing a tattoo, Gemme," he laughed.

"I'm just not used to asking..." that was it; I mean how many times would you walk up to a man and say, ‘excuse me, do you mind taking your top off?’ I felt the bush harden as I thought about it.

"Don't worry about it."

"Hmm... what do you think of wolves?" I asked, an idea appearing in my head.

"Why wolves?"

"I dunno I just had an idea. I have more though..."

"My only real request is that it fills the area I pointed out and that it's tribal. Doodle. See what you come up with."

"Okay I shall... doodle." I laughed drawing some tribal designs, one being the wolf design which was a wolf howling that would lie on his side, around it swirls of tribal ink like clouds, hidden stars within it. Another was just the same as his arm except it would be on his side. Another was his star sign hidden within a tangle of tribal spikes. I sighed, pushing my pencil behind my ear. “Here, this is all I have.” I gave him my pad, taking in his half-naked form before shaking myself. Honestly. But... he was cute... you should have seen him. I shook my head, thinking further. I had seen tribal designs before but they weren’t my forte. I thought of perhaps a bird, breaking into flames of course in the tribal swirls. The fire slowly spread across his waist and back. “Hmm,” he muttered intently flicking through the pages he gazed at each one. “I have another.” I mumbled projecting the image of the bird onto his skin in an illusion.

“I’m spoilt for choice now.” He laughed; I shrugged thinking how dreadful they were. “I think they’re all as bad as each other.” I pushed a stray hair from my face, behind my ear and sighed. What would I know anyway, I do, do more portraits than anything. I could have sworn the rubber on the table jumped a little as he scowled at me. "Don't say that."

I was taken a little aback by this, “what?” I asked, great. I just upset him, again. He took in a deep, sharp breath. "They're fine. I like them. So don't say that they're bad, okay?"

"Okay. I'm just used to doing better, realistic things I suppose." I shrug again, trying to relax the atmosphere a little.

"You're welcome to have another go, if you really want. Just don't say that they're no good. You have no reason to doubt yourself." He looked at me sternly, although it wasn’t cold. I looked down at the pad.

"They're the only ideas I've got I'm afraid." I laughed shyly. "Thank you, for believing in me though."

"Draw out that bird one you just showed me... and maybe the wolf, but on its own?"

I nodded, doing as he asked. "Like this?" I mumbled, showing him the rough outline of both the designs, managing to fit them onto a single page.

"Yeah..." he looked longest on the lone wolf howling at the top of the page.”I think... I like the wolf." he smiled.

"It won't be big enough on its own though..." I pointed out, not wanting to argue with his decisions though.

"Hmm," he got a pair of scissors from the kitchen and began to cut the wolf out, holding it against his side so that it curls up from the right hand side in the small of his back to the right hand side of his chest. "Yeah, it needs to be just a little bit longer. But I really like it. Thank you," he grinned.

"You're welcome!" I smile happily, "It's getting rather late though and I should be getting some sleep." I bit back the yawn that had become stuck in my throat. "The spare room is still there for you."

"Oh! Sorry, I didn't mean to keep you up."

"Not at all, I rather enjoyed it," I smiled again placing the pencil on the table on top of my art pad, now almost full of designs. He smiled and I got up. “Please don’t fall asleep on the sofa again, get some proper sleep.” I smiled kissing his forehead softly.

"I'll try," he nodded, the paper wolf in his hands. I stood back and looked at him as he gazed down at it, hiding what might have been a blush.

"Good night, Luca.”

"Night, Gemme," I smiled; ascending the stairs again I pushed open my door. There I got changed into a pair of loose leggings and vest top. I slipped into my warm bed and turned to the door, so I could look at Luca’s pictures as I slowly drifted to sleep, “good night, Luca...” I murmured softly.

The End

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