Gemme: Painting

The walk was so relaxing, I loved the fresh air; the sound of the birds chirping and the silence of people’s thoughts as I kept up the illusion that we weren’t there. "Don't you just love the fresh air?" I smiled, loving the feeling of the wind blowing back my hair and the bright sun that warmed my skin. Our feet carried us and we ended up in the park just down the street from my house.

"Uh... I guess?"

"It allows me to think... I don't know about others."

"I try to avoid thinking. I only end up angry." I nodded, well he was right.

"Of course, would you like a coffee?" I mumbled, pointing to the small coffee stand hidden beneath some of the trees

"No, I'm fine, thanks." I kept up the illusion, but I found myself thinking. What I said next couldn’t be helped I was curious and it just sort of slipped out.

"Luca, where do you see yourself in a few years time?”

"I have no idea, you?"

"Hopefully alive, failing that I won't have to worry hmm?” It’s not what I was going to say originally but I thought it would have just been awkward if I said “with you.” He nodded and I found the situation awkward anyway.

We walked around the park in silence; I gazed at Luca and the smile that crept into his lips. I took in his features from his dark hair to his tattoos that I remembered. Suddenly I had the urge to paint, capture everything of him, every little detail. No. Every beautiful detail. "Let's go home." I murmured, trying not to sound as if I was in a daze.

"Had enough?" He replied and I shook my head softly.

"I have an idea."

"Oh?" He seemed confused but I wasn’t going to give anything away. We slowly walked home and it took me a while to reply. "From my very own muse," I grinned; still reluctant to tell him anything. He shot me a questioning glance and I smiled; "You'll see."

Once again, silence as we walked. I suppose it is good but a little uncomfortable. When I opened the door I ushered him in and stood on the stairs, eager to get to my room.  

"Just. Wait here, I'll be down when I'm finished.”

He arched an eyebrow, but nodded anyway and I ran upstairs eagerly, I grabbed my paints while setting up a new canvas on the stand I began to paint. Each flow of the brush felt like a piece of me seeped onto the canvas slowly creating the picture of Luca. It was, beautiful to say the least. After many hours I called for my muse; "Luca!”

"You took your time." He mumbled as he ascended the stairs, pushing open the door to my room. My room was mainly filled with books and paintings; equipment and a bed in the corner. This was my haven.

"Well... what do you think?" I stood away from the painting, revealing it. His arms raised, some of the trees around him were floating because of his powers; I particularly enjoyed painting his tattoos, he had no top on but I still found it showing everything I saw.

His eyes widened and I grinned. "You made me look good," he laughed.

"I do try." I took a deep breath in. “So... you like it?" I awaited his answer with baited breath.

“It's... beautiful. In an odd kinda way, 'cause that's me."

"I couldn't have put it any better." He gazed in shock and I giggled slightly, "It's only a hobby... don’t look so shocked really."

"But it's really good!"

I felt a blush appear in my cheeks, "Thank you." I mumbled.

"Why are you so embarrassed?"

"I'm not used to people seeing my work. I'm not used to getting praise for it."

"You don't take art at school?"


"You should have taken art. You're really good..."

"I only paint what I see, in a classroom I see...nothing." I shrugged.

"You weren't seeing me when you did this though... I was sat downstairs."

 "I committed you to memory. I saw so much the picture was already painted in my head."

He seemed almost lost for words before he spoke. "No one's ever painted me before."

"Well... I would love to paint you again; if you could sit that long."

 "You shouldn't be wasting your talent on painting me" He laughed again and I smiled, he was happy, I was happy.

 "But you fill me with so many new ideas, so many feelings and pictures!"

He hesitated a moment "Well... okay. Now... or later?"

"Whenever you like." I smiled softly.

He shrugged "Now is as good as any other time, I guess. While we're not being attacked by trigger happy loons."

I uncovered a chair sat in the corner, and dusted it off, pointing to it. "Go on," I smiled brightly. I had never had anyone sit for me before.

 "How d'ya want me sat?"

"However you feel comfortable."

 "Well it's your painting. You're supposed to choose," he grinned.

I chewed the end of my paintbrush a moment, thinking. Then I got up, slowly moving him and guiding him. "Comfortable?"

"Yeah," I smiled at him and set the painting aside, picking up a new blank canvas to work with. “Stay still.” I mumbled lost in the heavenly sensation again as I painted him. I took every brush stroke in my stride and every colour seemed to light up the painting, bringing it to life. For once I felt normal, as if nothing else mattered.

The End

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