Scorpio: Video Recording No1

'So hey, I woke up this morning, light streaming on my face through a small window near the ceiling. I looked around and had no idea where I was.

'I sat on what appeared to be the bed, a small cotton sheet on a stone floor, and across the room was a crude wooden desk with a drawer and chair and next to this a bookcase. There was a door that was locked and another room that was supposed to be a bathroom. Water poured from a filter in the wall into this pool and a hole at the bottom took the water away, a constant supply of fresh, clean water. Next to this was a grid. Outside the window was a courtyard with a building on the other side, a ring in the centre and benches around this.

'I was perplexed.

'Firtly I checked out the books, one for each zodiac with a history of their 'ancestory' plus books on meditation and martial arts. I took the first book. It said:

Capricorn: The Water Bearer

Water Of Life

and at the bottom; Wisdom of the past for the present to look out for the future.

I read through the whole thing, amazed it stretched back to Babylonian times. Carvings and scriptures, all the time against the Anti-Zodiac Society who wanted to destroy the zodiac in fear of them to bring what they conceived as peace without dictatorship, they believed that destroying us would release our powers if done in the right way and they through their teachings could harness it to bring about Utopia. And at the bottom was scrawled 'poppycock'.

I snickered at this and searched for Scorpio.

Then I met him for the first time. He opened the door wearing black clothes all over his body revealing only the eyes. He placed a selection of fish on the floor and said solemnly.

"Your lessons will begin shortly."

My blood curdled at this. What lesson?


All the time my thoughts drifted back to her, then the rest of them until I was brooding on my least favorite topic. Myself.

I felt so selfish, letting them get to know me, staying close to them where I could hurt them, poisoning the group causing chaos. I was the disease here, not Luca.

I looked at the drawer and got curious. That was where i found this, I set it up then and was about to use it when he returned.

he opened the door and stood there, waiting. I stood up and approached him.

He led me down a corridor and turned left right into the courtyard. The breeze was cool, blowing gently against the few trees and shrubs. He sat down on a bench and motioned for me to sit on the floor. I did, confused.

'"The reason I brought you here," he started, straight to the point, "is because I know from past experience how terrible it is for the Scorpio-"

'"Who are you?" I interupted. He held up his hand.

'"No questions," he urged and placed his hand on his lap. It was wrinkled, "you think of your powers as a curse when really they are beautiful, but more on that later, for now let us concentrate on the basics.

'"The 12 Zodiacs, perfect together, lost seperate. Each one shares a bond with the other, some are weaker causing problems, some are stronger causing apparent love, but the zodiacs are most human, we are defined by our experiences. If only life were as simple as black and white.

'"The bond allows Zodiacs to feel the others, to know if there is danger, their feelings, it is a generic trait, not as deep as those with mind reading and Libra but prominent all the same.

'"But there is more, each potential Zodiac is born with the instinct to fight, in some its manifests in different ways, they spend their lives fighting and know it, some know how to fight when they are emotional and some by pure instinct such as yourself.

'"In conclusion, I will help you with these, I will teach you how to manipulate this bond and how to unlock your fighting potential," throught the mask I saw him smile, "now any questions?"

'My mind went blank and I shook my head.

'"Good," he whispered and took me back to the room. That was when I made this recording. I wonder what these are for, is it to archive like the scriptures? is it to send back to the others. If it is I hope you are all well, but I feel like I belong here though it has only been a few days.

'For now I will try meditating and then sleep.'

The End

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