Gemme: Safe Haven

I look at him, was I being stupid? I knew in the long run he was right; I decided to stop arguing but it was harder than I thought. At least I didn't fuel the fire too much. "I just don't want you to have to deal with having a wet shirt all the time." I smile weakly, pointing to his shoulder. I guess I'd have to watch what I say from now on.

"My clothes hardly matter."

"Well, my emotions have always gotten me into trouble anyway." I laughed, again weakly; motioning to the broken TV screen. I had spent my whole inheritance on fixing things my temper or sorrow caused.

He shrugged. "Material possessions generally don't matter," He corrected himself.

"Well, if you don't mind putting up with me..." I couldn’t help but feel this conversation was a little backwards. He was the one smoking and testing my patience. Good job my patience has no limits; I suppose my zodiac does come in handy. I placed my empty can on the fireplace mantle. “Okay,” he replied. I edged a little closer to him so I could rest my head on his shoulder.

“This isn’t too close is it?” I wonder, preparing myself to move away again.

"I guess not."

"What's up, Luca?" I added his name in an extra measure, normally people answer to their names. Then again I wouldn’t class Luca as a normal person. This got me thinking, how do I love him? I see his true colours yeah. But he’s worse than me with his mood changes.

"My temper snapped again and that table nearly slammed into you. I'm trying to stay calm."

"I'll hush." I mimicked a zip running across my mouth as I sat there in silence; allowing him to calm. I really did not want a coffee table slammed into me. I liked that table anyway.

He looked at me sideways, the expression on his face bemused. "Doesn't that scare you?"

"Slightly; I try not to let it show though. Fear is a weakness." Then why did I just tell him? You’re an idiot.

"Only slightly?" he arched an eyebrow.

"Okay yeah, knowing that you could do something like that and I can't do anything to stop it does scare me quite a bit." How can he do that? I check my head to make sure I’m not on a truth serum or something. Nope, all clear... maybe another power?

"Yet you're willing to stay so close..." he whispered, staring at the table.

 "Call me crazy." I shrugged, his gaze seemed absent.

"I already have. Several times."

"Oh. Well, then you know why I stay so close."

He nodded silently. If anything, he was upset at himself now, rather than angry. "What's wrong with you now?" I ask exasperated. I truly feel as if I am going round in circles; really big, long, awkward circles.

"I nearly hurt you again,"

"Don't worry about it. I can't die anyway..." That didn’t mean I wanted to die by coffee table... I couldn’t help but look at it with disgust as if it was the table’s fault.

"But you can hurt. So why shouldn't I worry about it?"

"Because I'm used to being hurt; you shouldn't care so much. I'll heal." But I was right; he did actually care about me. One step at a time hmm?

"That's not the point."

"Then explain, please.”

"Because it would have been me that hurt you. I've already told you enough times I don't want to hurt you."

"But you could make it all better afterwards..." I trail off. God damn it Gemme, shut up!

"I still would have done it."

"I wasn't on about your powers."

"What, then?"

"Nothing, forget what I say." I rushed the sentence; I really didn’t want to explain. Well, I’ve let myself in for it now... idiot. He was silent and although he not wanting me to explain was a relief I still felt uncomfortable. “Sorry, I should learn to hold my tongue.”

"S'ok. I should learn to control my temper."

I kissed his cheek ever so swiftly, careful not to anger him again. "I'll try not to anger you."

"Oh, you have no idea how hard that will be.”

"Well, tell me what I should avoid doing and I'll try."

He shrugs “I lose my temper at stupid things, and it depends on my mood before something happens. I wish I could be more predictable.” I look at him and nod. “You could be, but I don’t want to...” I tap his forehead gently to get my point across. I really didn’t; I hate invading people’s privacy most of the time it led to heartache anyway.

The interruption that proceeded was more than annoying. Now I’d have to hide the house all over again; it was a nifty trick. I create a small illusion around the house; changing it sometimes hiding it. Therefore it is a safe-haven, perhaps even if ever the zodiacs need it... no. No. No more fighting.

The End

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