Leo: Mental notes

One hour ago

Ike came bounding through the door.

"Leo whats u--" He clenched his stomach. No tears escaped my eyes; I never cry. Never. I sobbed tearlessly and fell to the ground. I crawled towards him.

"Dad," I whispered, stroking his face. "Dad, I'm so sorry.. I-I.." I gulped and got angry with myself. "What's the point." I muttered in statement. Ike grabbed my arm but I shoved past him into the main area of the bar. I heard Lilly faintly.

"....At the field in an hour."

I barely heard her, there was just a loud buzzing in my ears. Several times I swear I saw my Dad, sitting in a chair smiling, giving me thumbs up, and even more times I swear I heard him. I only heard some stuff, but the more I thought about him, the less it happened. Some of the things he said were,

'Don't worry, sweetheart, you're doing great.'

'I'm better in a place like this.'

'The angels are gonna protect me now, baby. Stop worrying yourself.'

'Take charge for once. You were born to lead, stop hiding yourself. Sure, you're fighting when you get the chance, but when you want something, you gotta go right out and get it. I love you.'

I curled up in the corner of the room on the floor and muttered the things he had said, over and over trying to grasp the meaning of it. But it just kept slipping away.


I sat against a tree trunk, hugging my knees tightly, his thoughts still running through my mind. I had my mind take random mental notes of what everybody was saying so I could make sense and know about it later on.

Once the circle started breaking apart, I created a circle of fire, and when I sat in it, it bent into the shape of a chair. I sat in it, still thinking, but I lost my concentration on the fire and I fell to the ground with a thud.

I ran backwards and then sprinted towards the tree. I didn't stop when it was millimeters away from smashing into my face, I climbed up the side of it and sat on a branch, in between the leaves. I thought for ages, my mind giving me the information I had missed from the conversation. I created a ball of fire and made it move the plastic whiteboard towards me. It was practically melted by the time I held it, of course it didn't burn me, and I traced the picture with a hovering finger.

"Guys," I shouted towards the field, making the whiteboard fall to the floor with a crash, "I think I gotta plan."

The End

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