Thorn: Pain

"I don't know all the detail's but Arch does" I say indicating her. Evryone turns to look at her sitting back against a tree.

"They want us dead" Arch says simply. "They will pick us off one by one till they have us all, they need us all other wise killing us is impossible"

"But why do they want us dead?" Lilly asks.

"They want the human race to stay in control, Arch said that when the last set of Zodiac's died, that was when wars began...... not small fights between people but big wars" I say

"Like the Trojen war, that war with the spartans" Arch says.

"But I don't get it, they think we will take there will away?" Aries says.

"How can that even be possible?" Ike mutters.

"Together we have more power. The thirteen consolations together. Their was a myth.... a very well hidden myth that the Zodiac's together ruled the months in harmony, each one governing it's time. In that month they had more powers than what they usually had...... like there powers were magnified" Arch say taking on a sort of leacturing attitude. "Look"

She jump up and creates a whiteboard pen. She draws a thirteen poing star around the thirteen. "Each point represents one of us. One falling won't destroy the star so it will just go back. The ultimate defence system. We must all die at exactly the same moment for us all to die........ And that's another reason, Gemme and Luca should stay hidden"

Then without saying anymore I watch Arch walk off. Lilly stares shocked and I follow her.

I catch up with her and grab her wrist. She turns to look at me but doesn't smile and all I can see is a distant look in her eyes.

"Arch, whats the matter?" I ask.

"I don't want to talk about it" She says lookign away and letting her head drop. I reach out and tilt up her chin then lean in kissing her lightly.

The End

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