Libra: Who Will and Who Won'ts

I heard Leo scream, and it wasn't a ‘oh my god!' scream, it was awful. I looked through her eyes and it was terrible. I could see the body through her teary eyes.
I got out of her head, pronto.

"Someone needs to go to the bathroom, and bugsie not me"


"Someone needs to go in the bathroom" I emphasize. "Preferably someone with a strong stomach."  I add.  Nobody listens so I get up, grab my scales and walk to the door. "Field. One hour. I want you all there." I growl through my teeth. "And will somebody go and sort Leo out in the bathroom!"

One Hour Later.

I stand in front of them with my hands crossed over my torso.  "Sit." They do. "Right. Where the hell is Gemme and Luca?"
Arch came stumbling through the tree's, "What the hell happened to you!"

"Just an accident" She groaned.  I helped her sit on the ground. I wasn't going to ask questions yet.

"Well!" I continued, "Im saying this as a Zodiac, not as a friend to any of you guys. We need everybody here."


"We just do!" I snap. "As you could probably tell, Im pretty pissed off at the moment. Something funny is going on and we need all the information we can get. Also we need everybody here, plus training."

"Why do we need everybody here?" Arch groaned.

"Don't any of you people see! Ike and Gemme need to be together to make themselves stronger. Also we need a healer." I do a head count and groan. "Where the hell is Adrian and Aaron?!" I moan.

"Aaron wanted to be left alone and I have no idea where Adrian is." Thorn muttered.

"For bloody hell sake!" I mutter. " I don't care if Aaron wanted to be left alone, were a team here! We need to stick together. There's no use in us splitting up in are own little directions." I glare at Arch. I knew what she did. I try to calm myself down. "Arch can you give me a whiteboard please?" She nodded and before I knew it there it was, right behind me. "Thank you." I muttered my appreciation. "Now" I said louder. "Numbers." I wrote a big thirteen in the middle. "All the zodiacs can, and will" I emphasise the will, "fight."

"There is no way in hell Gemme is going to fight"  

"Well we need to find a way to make her" I threatened. I really wasn't in the mood for who will and who won't. "Look. People are after us and we need everyone to stick together. We need to gather enough information so we find out who and what those leaches are planning next."

Thorn put his hand up. "Actually... we do know who."

"Finally were getting somewhere" I muttered "Who is it then Thorn?".......

The End

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