Saggitarius: House break

I kick the door open and run into the living room where Luca and Gemme stare at me shocked.

"Hi" I say and turn just as, three guys come through the back door. I create a gun and fire three shots. I turn back to Gemme and Luca. "I surgest we move"

Even though they seem slightly miffed they get up and turn to find in front off three guys. Luca throws them aside and I turn and fire two shots at the guys coming through from the back off the house.

We  continue to fight till they're all dead then Luca sort off throws them back into their van where the last remaining guy drives off with them. I curse when I feel a snap in my foot. "Cruddy door" I whisper through my teeth. I sit down and pull up the edge of my trouser leg.

"Bet you want me to heal it?" Luca says slightly angry. I shake my head.

"Like you said we shouldn't rely on you" I say creating a small pot on my ankle. I stand up and test it. "That should do. See you guys later"

"That's it" Gemme says shocked. "No, come join us or we need your help or your lives are in danger"

"No" I say simply. "Look Gemme, you and Luca seem to be able to avoid your fate if the rest of the Zodiac's stay away so I see no point in ruining it. I would do anything to hide who I am but unfortunately......" My voice trails off with a sad hint. I look back at them. "Stay safe"

Then I slowly begin to walk off.

"Wait" Luca shouts. "Why can't you hide your powers they're simple enough?"

"I made a mistake" I say feeling a tear slide down my cheek.

"What mistake?" Gemme whispers.

"Does it matter now?" I say quietly. "Just stay safe....... I don't bring anyone into something they don't want........ It was the reason I made my mistake was cause I made desisions that forced me to my fate" Then with that I walk off slowly lipping slightly.

Just as I reach the end of the road I feel the pain disapeer and kneel down removing the pot to find it healed

The End

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