Gemme: Whatever I am.

I could sense the awkwardness in him as we spoke, I tried to make the atmosphere as relaxed as possible, although I wasn’t sure how, so I just looked at him and grinned. "Good job you're not the one waiting then hmm?"

"You know what I meant,"

"Well, I'll have to share my patience. Don't worry... I'm not going to do anything with your head." I turn away from him a moment, grumbling to myself. "I'm going to kill my brother as well."

"Why are you going to kill your brother?" His tone was so curious, I couldn’t stop now.

"For what he did to you, damn it purging kills, I know. He should have done something first."

"Done what? And I'm okay now."

"Purging... your head? I told him to be more compassionate when using his powers but nooo... 'That is my half of the zodiac.'" I paused fearing I was babbling.

"I healed the pain away. I wasn't especially happy with him though. I got kinda... mmm... violent. I think it's even, now."

"Well just desserts then." I huffed. "He never learns..."

"I'll be more than happy to teach him. And Aaron."

"What's Aaron done now?"

"Nothing since we last saw him, but c'mon... 'This isn't over yet'?" He put on a stupid English accent and mimicked him, laughing. "He needs to be taught a lesson or two, certainly."

"Please don't get yourself hurt." I get up from him, sitting on the chair opposite; sinking into the cool fabric. "He's still dangerous; as is Ike. Don't pick needless fights."

"He's not gonna hurt me. Telekinesis is more dangerous that his ice. He can control water, sure, but I can move pretty much anything. He could shoot icicles at me or whatever and I'll just send 'em flying back at him," Luca shrugs and smiles.

"Your body is made up of water." I point out.

"I can manipulate his body too. I'll make him dance like a puppet,"

"Be careful."

"He can't kill me. I'm a healer, too, remember? I'll be fine."

“It won't stop me worrying though, I'm sorry."

"It's okay... Kinda weird, but its okay,"

"People don't worry about you either? You are going to be in for some big changes." I laughed awkwardly, hoping he wouldn't blow.

"Why would anyone worry about me?" he asked incredulously

"Because they care for you, love you, they don't want to see you hurt?"

"Uhm... who would that be? Apart from you, I guess."

"Point taken." I sighed, leaning back in my chair. "Things have been moving too fast. It has been what, three days? I've fallen in love, met my brother after so many years, met people trying to kill me and people who act like they're heroes." I sighed, pulling my knees up to my chest comfortingly.

"Mmm. You need to go catch up with your brother."

"No. I don't Lilly is more important than me, he was so caught up in himself and her he didn't even notice I had fallen unconscious." I pushed my head into my knees. "He doesn't care."

"I'm sure he does, but like you said, so much has happened in the last few days."

"That's why it's best to leave it."

"Go and talk to him."

"No." That was the most stubborn I had ever heard myself, I didn’t want to talk to him. Plus every time I get close to him my powers flux and become out of control. I don’t want that to happen again, I remind myself by glancing at the TV then back at my knees.

“You know how bad guys are at multi tasking. It's hard enough to talk to someone and walk at the same time," he grinned at his exaggeration, "but maybe you've had enough of forgiving people for one day."

"I've had enough of everything for a week." I mumbled, pulling my ball tighter to muffle the sobs that fought their way past my defences. I cursed myself in my head.

He got up from his chair and sat beside me a little self-consciously. His arm slid around me, his muscles rippling against my back as he pulled me closer. "My bad, eh?"

I shook my head, I didn't want to talk; I knew my voice wouldn't cooperate with the words I wanted to say.

Luca was quite happy to not talk, though. He stayed silent, his arm around me. Just sitting and being there.

I slowly moved, unfurling from my tight ball I wrapped my arms around his waist, I just wanted to stop. I wanted to be human not... this, whatever I was. "Thank you." I mumbled, my voice still quivering through my tears. "S'ok" He replied, it was simple but I felt different; my stomach began to flutter as I just let it all out there. I hated crying in front of people but I felt different now.

The End

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