Leo: Shrieks

I growled as I was pacing. Would it really hurt them to do this one thing? I was filling myself a glass of orange when Arch burst out the door and something about scales happened. I just shrugged to myself and continued to drink. But I should've thought that through. Now I really need a pee.

I walked through the bar, and soon enough found a toilet. It was unisex.


I hovered in, but stopped in the doorway. A man's body lay dead on the floor, bullets in his chest, blood splattered up the walls.

I suddenly didn't need the toilet anymore. I was getting angry for some reason, and my teeth wanted to change, my nose was becoming a lion's nose, I could smell the fresh dead bodies, and they smelt appealing. I fought the urge.

But then I looked at the body properly. He seemed all to familiar.. Like my father.

And I let out a shriek.

The End

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