Saggitarius: Just like before

Nearly everyone came to the pub and just like before Luca and Gemme weren't here. Well, last time they showed for a few secounds but Ike found out it was an illusion.

"What's happening?" Leo asks. wiping something off her teeth that I really don't want to know what it is.

"Where's Aaron?" Cassie asks. Its then I notice he's missing as well.

"I think he wants to be left alone" I say remembering his mood yesterday. "Right, we need to get Gemme and Luca here. Even if it means putting them in a bag and carrying them"

I head towards the door.

"That won't be a good idea" Ike say.

"Yeah, Luca's real powerful" Aries adds.

"My scales are tipping but I don't think this is the way to solve it" I stop and turn to Lilly.

"Scales?" I say confused.

"Libra scales" she says gesturing the one she brought with her.

"Hmm" I approach it. "Is that all you can find from it.... if somethings wrong?"

"Yeah, it shows the inbalance of things" Lilly says.

"Hmm?" I reach out and touch it and gasp as I see picture all jumbled up. "Lilly touch the scales?"

She does what I say and gasps. "I can see images.... vision" Then everyone begins to crowd round. She shakes her head. "There's to much to work out" she says removing her hand. "But Gemme came up alot"

With those words I'm already out the door.

The End

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