Cancer: what's the point?

When Gemme gets back, most things are where I remember them, though I can't do anything about the TV or other broken things. But the living room looks how a normal living room should look. Though I couldn't help my routine check for dirty needles. See, I'm the one that's somehow become responsible for tidying the den up. Being a lazy little sod the way I am, it really doesn't get all that tidy, but I do at least check for needles. Of course it became a habit, and even in the wrong house, I did a quick sweep for needles. Stupid, Cancer.

I look at the plastic bag in her hand that bulges a little with food and I grin. This will be the first thing I eat that I don't have to check for hidden drugs before I eat it; people have a habit of hiding their drugs in food, in the hope that no one would be so stupid as to want to eat. So the crystal meth went in the white sugar, the heroin occasionally turned up in the pepper or the brown sugar. It's no real wonder I was the one that ended up with the ability to heal pretty much anything. I've not been able to do fatal wounds though. Zodiacs are easier to heal than humans. Humans are weak. Shame, really.

Thinking about the drugs, though, only reignites my anger that someone - Leo, I guess - burnt my drugs. I don't think I would care so much if they were specifically for me... but they were my only source of money. I can get more, of course, but I'd never got more without Si. I don't think the dealer guy we got it from was ever too impressed with me; I was just a mouthy little bastard that he had to look after. So... yeah. Four hundred dollars to last me god knows how long.

Anyways I follow Gemme to the kitchen, resisting the urge to grab the food out of her hands and just eat it right there. I hadn't thought about how hungry I was until she mentioned it. Now I think about it, I can't remember the last time I ate. That's a downside to healing pain away without thinking. No hunger pangs to remind you.

"What can I have?" I ask, my hands deep in my pockets to stop me just snatching it away from her.

"Anything you want." She grins holding the bag out for me."I'm sorry it's not much, I don't get must income." I shake my head and stick my hand in, coming back out with some microwave meal. I grin too, as I throw it at the microwave, the packaging coming off in midair and the microwave door opening to receive the black box of goo. The packaging puts itself in the bin and the microwave starts up.

"I think I'm feeling better," I say, watching the microwave count down. "As for your income, I think you probably have a better one than me. Well, definitely, now that everything I was going to sell has been burnt." My smile goes tight and my fist curls up thoughtlessly. The microwave shakes for a moment and Gemme looks at me worriedly.

"Please, calm down. Please..." she says. I cough and make the microwave stop vibrating.

"Stupid, bloody, idiotic..." I keep mumbling curses aimed at Leo as I pull out a pack of cigarettes and light one. Well, I try to. My hands are shaking instead of the things in the house, now. Stupid temper. Gemme takes the lighter from me and flicks the flint, the little flame steady in her hands. I stick the cigarette in its heat and thank her.

"Sorry," I say, taking a long drag, pulling the smoke in.

"Just, calm down." Her voice is kinda soothing, but I can't tell if she's playing mind tricks or not. "Thank you." She smiles, "I'd really hate this place to turn upside-down again." I nod and finish the smoke in silence as I wait for the microwave meal to cook. She unpacks the rest of the food and puts it away as I watch my meal revolving on the glass tray. I take it out before the thing can beep - I've had enough of high pitched noises recently - and without plating it up or anything, I grab a fork and start shovelling it in my mouth. I don't even leave the kitchen, too hungry to care where I am to eat it.

"How long has it been since you have eaten?" She laughs, watching me wolf down the food. I glance up from my uh... food, and tell her it's been too long. Even these plastic meals are like heaven.

"No drugs hidden in them, either," I smile and finish the whole thing in just a few more bites.

"You're welcome." She grins, "You really need to look after yourself more now." I shrug.

"I manage." I say, putting the plastic tray in the bin and rinsing the fork.

"Well, I hope things get better than just 'managing' now." She tells me and I grimace.

"Yeah. Well, get those zodiac idiots off my back, and yours I guess, since you don't really wanna be a part of that either, and maybe things will improve. Really. I was fine til I got dragged into this. Granted I had to make sure there wasn't any coke in the... sugar, or whatever - they like hiding things there - and yes my living room looked like yours did earlier on a good day, but I was okay. Now, we all have people out to kill us, and I don't even know why." I stop talking realising I'm rambling. But... "What's the point in us being here?"

The End

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