Gemme: Happy

I smile, I can’t help it. I get another chance, Yay! I feel like jumping for joy but I somehow manage to keep it in. “Thank you.” I see his hesitance and I shake my head softly. “I wish Ike would keep his nose out though, you didn’t have to talk to me; my brother is just bossy.” I laugh slightly, rubbing my neck in the awkwardness of the moment. Silence is golden, when it’s on your side.

"Tell him to stay the hell out of my mind and I'll be happy at this rate." I roll my eyes.

"What did he do?" I sigh, my tone accusing my brother of doing something bad, after all he normally did.

"Ask him. All I know is it hurt." Purging, I thought, I knew it would happen as soon as I saw him take drugs; stupid brother.

"I'm sorry. He's an idiot to be honest." I laugh slightly, fighting back the urge to hug him I place my hands behind my back. "Are you okay now?"

"I think so," I breathe a sigh of relief; he must be really strong to withstand that.

"Good. I think we should leave these guys for a while, would you like to join me?" I ask, smiling at him. "No strings attached."

"Where are you planning on going?"

"Home, I can fix you something to eat too, if I have anything but snacks left." I tried to recall what I had in my fridge and cupboards but I couldn’t. For someone with amazing mental powers I have a really bad memory.

"I wanna get my bag first. I don't think I should leave people with the chance to steal or destroy everything I own."

"Of course; I'll wait here, I still need to catch my breath."

He disappeared to go get his bag; I hear shouting although I’m not sure who it’s from. Probably Ike but I’m not sure it sounds more feminine. When Luca returned his rage was plastered all over his face again. “Oh God, what happened this time?”

"They. Someone. Burnt. ARGH!"

"Leo?" I asked, finding it the only possible meaning.

"I want to kill her."

"Then we best leave, come on." I instinctively hold out my hand for him before pulling it back embarrassed. "Sorry." I mumbled.

His fist clenches and he seems to fight with himself for a moment, before eventually turning to me. "You might want to take me somewhere else before I change my mind," he says through gritted teeth.

"Of course, come on." I begin to walk, a smile on my face before I finally plucked up the courage to mention it. "I wasn't dropped on my head when I was a baby by the way." I tell him, not turning to see his face.

"You're gonna have to try and convince me otherwise. You certainly come out with things that make you sound like you were." He pauses awkwardly, managing to stop the words from rolling out of his lips.

"What because I actually forgave you for something, because I was actually nice to you?" I wondered slipping the key into the front door, sometimes I wished I lived further away from school and now the others. I just hoped they kept their distance; the only person I could stop from entering was Ike.

"I don't understand how you can forgive something like that though. And then thinking it was your fault!"

"I suppose I'm cursed with the forgiving side of our zodiac." That wasn't the real reason, but I knew he hated the "L" word. I open the door, taking the key out I ushered him in first; closing the door behind him.

"I was expecting you to want to tear my head off, to be honest. I want to tear my own head off for it."

"Well don't, please. Honestly. I'm okay now aren’t I? What's done is done." I smile up righting the couch before sitting on it. "I should clean up though." I glanced around the room at the broken glass vase’s shattered picture frames and the cracked TV. Not the TV. He looked around with me. "What needs tidying?"

"The broken glass, the furniture that is upside-down, everything that is out of place? Are you blind?" I sighed.  "I got really upset when you left...please excuse the mess."

"Looks tidy to me; I mean, not as tidy as it was before, but still..."

"Oh... right." I nodded; the drug den must have been twice as bad as this. "Would you like anything to eat, drink? You're welcome to help yourself."

"Yeah, I should probably eat something... and if you're wondering, the drug den is like this on a tidy day. Otherwise there's like people all over it and needles n’ stuff, really. You don't need to do anything if you don’t' want." He smiled and lifted the broken shards of glass, chucking them out of the window. "I'll do it; it's quicker, after I eat though."

I giggled, I couldn't help it. "Of course, umm I don't think I have much in..." I shuffled into the kitchen and rooted through the cupboards that were virtually empty. I always feel bad not being able to cater for guests, but I have lived on my own for quite a while.

He rolled his eyes. "Go to the shop then, and I'll try and sort this out... Though to be honest this is about as far as I get when I tidy the den, so y'know. Don't expect it to look amazing when you get back" He ushered me out and I followed him to the door.

"Is there anything you would like?"

He shrugged. "Something edible is always good."

Without thinking I grabbed my coat and keys and kissed his cheek. "Okay, I'll be back soon." I stepped out of the door and froze. Crud; no I can’t swear, it’s nasty and horrible not to mention pointless. Call me what you like I don’t care.

He rubbed his cheek where I had kissed him and tried to smile. "See you,"

I nodded. “Yeah,” I sighed, relieved it had not gone worse. I walked to the shops in quiet contemplation, for once I didn’t start talking to myself. When I got there I had no idea what to buy, I grabbed some marshmallows (of course,) muffins and some other ready-meals that to be honest tasted like plastic. But I hardly had any money coming in so I made do. I picked up some Coke (the drinkable kind) and left. I hope they’ll be okay.

The End

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