Leo: Ow.

I lean against the wall, watching Luca stride shyly over to Gemme. A smile hinted at my lips. I loved it when things work out.

I decided to go and check on Adrian, he was really quiet. Maybe the pain was going. I waltzed gracefully into the dark, empty space.

"Adrian?" I called. I saw three men dressed in suits running with him in a stroller-like thing. There wasn't any other way to describe it. "OIT!" I screamed, sprinting after them. One turned and pointed their gun at me. I licked my teeth, feeling them shifting forms. Claws grew from my hands and I felt fire forming in my palms.

"Stay still, or you die." The man stuttered.

"You really want to do that?" I crouched, ready to leap, my teeth bared, a snarl escaping my lungs. "Put your hands up." His eyes widened in my beauty as I smiled, and he dropped the gun, shaking. I ran toward him but the bullet struck me. I clawed it out and limped off, I felt so weak, the adrenaline had used itself up.

"Oh my god! Leo?"

I slumped myself against the cold wall. It felt nice.

"Are you okay?"

I shook my head. "Damn, I hate being weak!" I threw my head back, forgetting there was a wall behind me. "Ow." I rubbed my head.


The End

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