Cancer: wrong way around.

I'll admit that I've not done heroin in quite a long time. Well. A year. Long enough. I feel all dizzy n sick, but I don't care, I'm too busy giggling through the pain of Leo's kick.

"Ahahahahahahaha," is all that comes out of my mouth. My powers kick in without me really trying, and the pain vanishes. I don't get up; I just roll onto my back, laughing my head off. I feel that weird feeling in my head and I think I heard something about Ike coming down. I guess that's him. I stop laughing instantly and blink, everything clear in the darkness.

"Get out of my head!" I scream trying to scramble up. My hands are at my temples, squeezing as though I could maybe crush him out of me if I pushed hard enough.

"No! The only thing you can't heal is mentally and I'm doing that for you." He growls, pushing through my mind harder. I hear a wordless shriek - a horrible, animal in pain kind of noise. And when I feel my throat burning, I realise that the noise was coming from me. Get out, get out, get out, get out, get out, get out, get out, get out! My mental voice screams too. I can't stand, I can hardly sit. I'm bent over in the corner of the basement, screeching my head off as Ike ruthlessly pushes forward, trying to purge my mind of the need for the bliss I had been floating through just five minutes ago.

"Just a bit longer." Ike snarls finding the part of my mind that the drugs are trying to hold in that oblivion.

"No!" I wail, trying again to climb up. I get to my feet. Stumble. Fall. My face meets the cold basement floor with a loud crack and I roll onto my back once more, howling abuse at Ike. Something leaves my mind, and Ike quickly follows it, and all I'm left with is the pain in my nose and the horrible after feeling of having my mind ransacked.

"There, okay? Stop whinging you baby." He growls at me. My face heals, my body purges the heroin and I'm back to where I was about fifteen minutes ago: very angry, sober and in the mood to beat the hell out of something. That something being Ike. This time when I get up, I don't trip or fall, I simply throw myself at Ike, my fist connecting with his jaw the way the floor connected with my nose.

Ike rolls his eyes, placing a hand on my forehead he pushed hard, probing my mind again. But he held back suddenly shouting as his powers failed him; his grip on me becoming weaker. I hear that high pitched noise again, but it doesn't affect me the way it's affecting everyone else; my healing power automatically heals away the pain it might cause me. Gemme. I curse and slam my fist into Ike's stomach for good measure. He rolls away from me with a pained grunt.

"Don't mess with my mind ever again, carrot head." I spit and turn. I'm probably the last person Gemme wants to see, but I'm the only one not immobilised by Gemme. Running up the stairs two at a time, I hurtle around the house looking for her. Not finding her, I end up in the street, looking for her. I see her curled up on the pavement to my left.

"Gemme?" I ask as I cautiously approach her. She doesn't answer. Hesitantly, I kneel beside her, my hand on her shoulder lightly. She's cold. "Gemme?" Still nothing. Oh, that would be why. She's unconscious. Wonderful. Crap. I tap her shoulder experimentally and... you got it. Nothing.

"C'mon, Gemme." I groan. The high pitched noise is still going and it's going to wear me out pretty quick if I have to keep healing it away. I can't heal mental things, as Ike said, but I can wake her body up. Hopefully that would snap her out of it. I channel a jolt of energy into her body, manipulating her heart and brain, connecting synapses and sparking nerves into life.

She wakes up as though I electrocuted her, with a shout and a twitch. It reminds me of someone waking up from a nightmare.

"Gemme?" I try again.

"...Luca?" she asks. Through the noise I can't make up my mind if her tone is wary or relieved.

"Christ. Stop making that noise!" My hands cover my ears as if it would help. I can't heal the pain it causes away anymore.

"I...I'll try." She says, but I hardly hear her. Finally the noise fades and my hands fall to my sides again. I heave a sigh of relief as the pain dulls to a throbbing headache.

"Thanks," I mutter, rubbing my eyes as I try to focus on the world around me again. More specifically Gemme. But I don't want to admit that.

"I'm sorry," she shakes her head a little and tries to sit up. Wearily, I lean her up against the wall, though I don't move from where I'm sat.

"No..." I murmur eventually. "I'm the one that's supposed to be apologising."

"Oh...why?" she asks. I wonder for a moment if she was at any point dropped on her head as a child.

"Uhm... because of what I did to you... y'know... like the part where I apparently broke your heart." I stutter, wondering how I'm supposed to put it.

"Oh." She nods. "I...I forgave you anyway." I gawp at her. I can't help it. But... my suspicions that she was dropped on her head only increase. Maybe multiple times?

"You... how can you forgive someone for something like that?" I'm lost for words. How can someone forgive something like that? And so quickly?

"Because... I realised you don't love me back. I can't change that, I suppose it's in my nature." I don't think before words tumble out of my mouth.

"You're insane." I mumble, avoiding her gaze.

"I know. That makes us even then hmm?" I look back at her, one eyebrow raised.

"I'm not insane," I huff. "I have issues, but I'm not insane." She laughs.

"Okay. Well, that makes me on my own then." She pushes herself up, wobbling slightly. "I wanted another chance, you know, so. Will you forgive me?" There aren't words for just how nuts I think she is now.

"Ike wasn't lying when he said that then..." I push my hand through my hair and look up at the sky. "What am I supposed to be forgiving? You didn't do anything wrong."

"I feel like I have. Like I messed everything up. I said ‘I love you,' when you really didn't want to hear it, I'm sorry." I shake my head and look back at her, standing too.

"I just wasn't ready for it. When Ike asked me what I know of love, I realised there's nothing I know about love. It should be me asking for another chance, not you. But if you really need to hear it, then yeah. You get another chance." I don't know whether to smile or hug her or walk her back to the house or what. In the end I just stand there awkwardly, waiting for her reaction.

The End

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