Leo: This is why you don't mess with drugs

Somebody had told me he was in his room. I turned to go up there but somebody stopped me.

"He wants to be left alone," Ike said gently. I nodded, upset, and went to sit in the corner again.

"Dammit," I mumbled to myself, "there's no use in just sitting here all day!" I got up and sauntered out into the twilight streets. I came to a dark alley and I turned into it. I saw Adrian laying on the floor with a bottle of wine, and Luca slumped over with packs of drugs and needles scattered everywhere.

"Luca.." I groaned, yanking his shirt and succesfully pulling him up. I saw Adrian's eyes glint in craziness, but I ignored it. Like he would kill me, I know how to defend myself, unlike Lilly. One, I am practically a lion - the fire comes in handy as well, and two, ten years of martial arts does pay off. Luca stared up at me, bewildered. "Get up," I moaned at him. "Y'know.. Ge- nobody's gonna be happy about this." Better not bring Gemme up now. Damn, he had noticed my mistake. I saw him bare his teeth.

"I have nothing to do with selfless Gemme!" He spat at me.

"Woah, dude," I muttered, steadying him, "It's okay. Love aint at the top of my list, either." He stumbled. I was surprised Adrian hadn't leapt at me yet. I pushed Luca up against the wall so he wouldn't fall, and ran around, picking up the drugs and needles. I piled them up then set them on fire with my hand, picking it all up and shoving it in the trash. Luca's eyes widened, he stared at my in horror, and pinned me against the wall.

"OI!" He shouted in fury. I flashed my teeth in a perfect smile and kicked him in the stomach, sending him flying, and he landed against the other wall. I charged at him, and leant against his torso on my tiptoes, so I could whisper into his ear.

"See, this is why you don't mess with drugs. Don't make me hurt you," I snarled. I heard Adrian before I felt him.

"Not so fast!" I whipped my head round and punched him in the face, which made him uneasy for a split second, just what I was hoping for.

My hand shot out towards Adrian as I covered his face in flames. He fumbled in the darkness and tackled himself, as if to rip the flames off his skin. I dialled Ike's number and grinned when he picked up, looking at the two tough guys I had just beaten up. Adrian lay thrashing on the floor, and Luca was clutching his stomach.

"Ike, we may have a problem. Follow my thoughts here." I hung up and braced myself for when one of them striked up their energy. Adrenaline burned in my veins. My grin grew wider in anticipation.

The End

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