Taurus: Everyone

Everyone... I mean how can you work for everyone. Arch must be thinking that to cause she wacked him across the head with a rather large stick.

"That must of hurt" I say watching the guy fall to the floor unconcious.

"How can he work for everyone?" Arch whispers.

"The man who's incharge was the one who I talked to on the phone and when I got here. He said that he works for all goverments" Cassie says looking nervois.

"There for working for everyone" Arch says understanding it... me I'm still slightly clueless.

"Why would they want us dead?" I ask.

"Because we threaten them, the last Zodiac's died years ago and that's when the human race began to be incharge" Arch explains. "That's when wars began and things like that.... but now that we've come back..... Well, things will change"

I look at her shocked...... They had enough power that wars didn't happen till they die........ And she's saying we'll be like that......... Gosh, I have to train.

The End

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