Gemme: Cold

I went with Ike to get the muffins, he seemed pretty agitated; I guess it was because I locked him out of my head. For once he had no idea what I was thinking. Silence, it really is golden. Ike tried to talk about Lilly, Adrian and even Luca but I still didn't talk back, what was the point? He also thought I was going to blow and destroy something again. I wasn't, but I felt cold. Even in such hot weather I felt so cold... I shook it off.

"You know you should learn to control your powers." He glanced at me as I sighed, he wouldn't shut up until I talked to him; well, at least it wasn't about people. "Mind your business." I growled, he laughed. "You're turning into Luca." He looked as if he was going to say more but I shot him an icy glare and he shut up, making the walk back to Lilly's ten times worse.

When we got there Ike went back to Lilly's side, handing her the warm muffins he hugged her gently; he looked at me and mouthed an apology but I shrugged it off. To be honest I had no idea why I was still here, I wanted to talk to Luca but when I looked up I noticed that I was already stood behind him. The needle stuck from his arm. "Luca." I gasped, suddenly I wanted air. I needed some air. I really did.

I found myself breathing so heavily as I ran from her house, sitting on the wall outside. I placed my hand on my chest, breathing in the warm air. I was still so cold, maybe anger made me hot, sorrow made me cold? I don't know. Right now, I just didn't feel like thinking at all. I hung my head in my hands and cried, I felt my mind breaking down. I could hear the high-pitched tone crackle through my head, then I knew it had infected others as well when I heard Ike shout.

My mind, it's so weak. I feel cold, my head. It hurts. Next thing I knew I was on the floor, my arms clutched to my stomach as pain shuddred through me, my power was out of control; my body was fighting it. Slowly I was slipping away... the darkness is consuming, but it's so warm... so welcoming.

The End

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