Saggitarius: Big bad guy

"What do you want with the Zodiacs?" I ask.

"Um...... I not allowed to say my boss will kill me" the goon mumbles.

"Us, killing you would be worse" Thorn says.

"Okay, we want you dead but you just seem to keep popping back up like her" he jerks his head at Cassie who's just walking into the room.

"How's the family?" I ask looking at her worried.

"Fine" she whispers. "Terrified but fine" I turn back to the goon which we've tied to the chair.

"Who are you working for?" I ask.

"Mr Marcus Kane" he says starting to shake. God, this guy's a coward.

"Whose he working for?" Thorn asks. I look over at him leaning against the wall and feel my heart race. I quickly turned back to the goon.

"Everyone" the goon whispers.

The End

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