Libra: Forgive and Forget

I heard Ike's little ‘chat' with Luca and felt sorry for him. He wanted to get out of here and he and too come back because im such a cluts. But on the other hand I was kind of annoyed with him for doing that to Gemme.

"I'm so sorry for doing that to you Lilly" Adrian slurred. I held up my hand to stop him. "It's not your fault Adrian. Forgive and forget OK?" I smiled weakly at him. "And thank you Luca for coming back." He nodded, put out his cigarette and walked slowly over to Gemme.  Adrian was still looking concerned despite my words. Ike walked over and sat next to me.

"What are you saying thank you too him?"

"He healed me. I know what he did to your sister was awful. I just hope he fixes it."

"So do I" he mumbled while glaring at Luca.

"What are you trying to do? Burn holes in him?" I joked. He smiled and turned to look at me instead. I think he was trying to avoid Luca.

"So, how you feeling?"

"Still stings a bit but apart from that I'm fine thanks"


"I really am sorry Lilly" I held up my hand again and shook my head.

"Forgive and forget Adrian. Remember? And I'm a cluts anyways, I should have been concentrating on you waking up instead of on my scales."

"Scales?" I pointed to them. "Oh. So these are the Libra scales then?"

I laughed. "Yeah I suppose they are."

"Why are they tipped? There's nothing in them."

"Oh yeah, It detects the energy of all thirteen of us. Its still tipped because I'm still recovering and Luca and Gemme are sorting things out between them.  I haven't quite worked it all out yet but I think it can detect when one or more of us is in trouble. And the more of us in trouble, the more it tips." I smiled at my little theory.


"Mhmm" I nodded, I suppose it is pretty cool.

"Hey Adrian?"

"Yeah Lilly?"

"Can you pass me that box please?" I pointed to my mothers jewellery box at the other end of the cellar.

"Sure." He went over and picked it up with the greatest of care and brought it over to me.

"Thanks" I mumble. He steps back and I open it. Everything's still there.  I picked up her necklace and admired it. I opened the chain and put it round my neck, having trouble with the chain, Ike did it up for me. "Thanks."

"Anytime." He smiled.

"You know what I fancy?" I said out of the blue. "Blueberry muffins" I nodded and laughed.

"Yeah I suppose we should grab something to eat soon, shouldn't we." said Adrian.

"You know, my mum used to make me blueberry muffins all the time. There my favourite." I smile to myself at the memory.  

"Then blueberry muffins we shall have" Ike cheered. I laughed but nodded. Adrian weakly smiled but I don't think he's really ready to laugh after all this time alone. I said I was going to help him, and I'm going to stick to my word. 

The End

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