Cancer: What am I to say?

Adrian drags me back to where Lilly is - not literally, he won't touch me - and once again, I'm forced to play healer. But being the group's healing hand is much, much easier than talking the Gemme after what happened. Seriously. So anyways, I purge Lilly's body of the poison that Adrian was talking about and while I'm doing it, I put two and two together; he's the Scorpio, and is the one who poisoned her by accident.

When I'm done, I sit back and watch her come around. I don't leave because... well just because. I can't be bothered. I'm tired and hungry and I'm kinda hoping Adrian might offer me something to eat. If he doesn't I'll go look for it myself. I mean, I just saved Lilly from slipping into a coma; a snack is he least he could do. Preferably, I'd have food and be left alone. Ike and Gemme have apparently followed us back here, too. I can hear them not far off.

Ike is trying to comfort Gemme, trying to get through to her. I don't look around to see if it's working. Instead, I take out a smoke, light it, and puff on it irritably. Adrian looks at me, kind of annoyed at my smoking and kind of glad that I ended up helping Lilly. Lilly murmurs something and Adrian's attention immediately leaves me.

It's Friday tomorrow, another school day. But I have a feeling that none of us will be turning up. Today... the last couple of days, really, have been a disaster from start to finish. I wonder where Aaron is, briefly. He might have used a really cliché line, ‘this isn't over yet', or whatever it was he said, but I know he meant it. I'm hardly worried about some psycho who can make a sword out of ice. I'm worried about just how badly I will want to kill him the next time I see him. Which in itself isn't so worrying, I've wanted to kill several people before. It's just who gets hurt in the process.

Of course, I can't kill Aaron. But I can make him hurt. God, I want to make him hurt. Thinking about it, however, makes everything around us shake, so I clear my mind, wondering what I'm supposed to say to Gemme. I mean... Ike told me to talk to her. But what can you say to someone after attempting to batter them with planks of wood, holding a gun to your head, telling them you would rather spend the rest of your life alone than be with them and then being told you've totally broken their heart? How are you supposed to redeem yourself after something like that?

"You shouldn't really smoke when you have just healed someone you know." Ike's voice says behind me. I turn to face him and take another drag, deliberately blowing the smoke back out into his face.

"I can do whatever I like, thanks." I smirk and inhale the toxic fumes again.

"Well, have you considered talking to Gemme?" he asks.

"Yes, yes I have." I inform him, still smiling in a way that is bound to irritate him sooner or later. Probably sooner. "You're the mind reader here, you should know."

"It's rude to read your mind without asking first." He pauses. "Do you know what she said to me on the way here? She wanted another chance with you. As if she had done something wrong." Well what do you say to that?

"Even after all that happened at the station?" That's what you say, if you're stuck for anything else. I think. I glance from one twin to the other. He nods.

"She's very...fragile with this sort of stuff." He tells me. I think he's trying to like, explain how she is with this kinda thing, but it doesn't really explain anything.

"Fragile?" I ask dully, lighting another cigarette.

"Well, love has never been easy for her, just be steady with her, okay?" still not really clearing anything up, and it's clear he's not going to elaborate.

"Pfft. Love. She's known me all of two days, it can't be love." I mutter. The grating smile dropped ages ago, but it falls even further away now.

"What do you know of love, hmm?" He asks. His tone makes me want to punch him. My bag quivers beside me as the knife inside of it tries to get out. I close my eyes for a moment and calm myself down a bit, before opening them and answering him.

"Nothing. Why d'ya think I'm screwing this up so badly?" I say coldly, wishing the nicotine would do something towards calming me down.

"Well, just talk to her okay? She's the more understanding one out of both of us." He glances at Gemme. She's been listening to our conversation, but she's not said a thing yet. I remember what I said to her when I beat the hell out of Aaron - no one hurts a friend of mine and gets away with it. Yet she's a friend of mine, and I've hurt her. Ike's right, I should talk to her but...

"...what am I supposed to say after all I've done?"


The End

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