Ike: Another Chance

I walked over to Gemme, she was sat on the edge of the train station, her legs dangling from the edge. I don't know what she's thinking she's not letting me through; I know the signs of her power so I touch her forehead quickly. It is icy cold, her eyes are glazed over and her hands are balled into fists. "Gemme?" I asked, looking down at her; I wanted to tell her everything was going to be okay, truth was I'm not sure it was going to be. She shook her head softly but didn't say anything. I bent down so I was her height.

She looked the ground as she kicked her feet. "I want another chance." She mumbled, I was only just able to hear her. "What?" I asked, moving my head closer so I could hear her clearer. She couldn't possibly think this was her fault? "I want another chance. Another chance to make everything okay. I want another chance with Luca."

I couldn't help but looked shocked, In my shock I didn't even realise when Gemme stood up and the train came whizzing past. I stood up eventually and hooked my arm around her shoulder. "Come on, let's go to the cellar, you can meet Adrian and Lilly. No strings attached." I did manage to catch one fleeting thought, she didn't want to fight, which was understandable; to me anyway.

She agreed to go with me and we walked the rest in silence, I was sort of relieved although, she still walked with her blank expression and glassy eyes. She wanted another chance? How stupid. She hadn't done anything wrong. But I knew how fragile she was. No one else understood it seemed no one was going to either. At this rate she would become like Luca... so he was right. The first person she ever loved outside her family threw her away in a heartbeat. I don't know how she feels but the small pain that grew in my chest if it was only a fraction of that. It was really bad.

The End

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