Cancer: Malignant

I get on the train and buy a ticket from the conductor guy and sit on my own. People glance at me as the y look for a spare seat, and granted I'm sitting in those ones that form a group of four, leaving three empty seats around me, but they look away quickly and move on. I don't need a mirror to know that the expression on my face is one of pure anger.

I just about stay in control of my telekinesis, but when I see one of the zodiac people on the station looking for me through the windows, I snap again. Bags fly off the luggage racks and land on people's heads. The train shakes violently for a moment and I stand when the zodiac sees me. I glare at him through the window and he motions for me to come outside urgently. The train rattles again and I only notice that people are crying out in worry when the person across the aisle for me holds onto the luggage rail as though it would help him if the train got turned over.

Looking around, I try to calm down, and the shaking stops after a moment. The zodiac is shouting at me, though, to get off the train. I don't know his name; I've not seen this one before. Have I? I dunno. He looks kinda familiar. But I'm pretty sure a ginger kid like him would stand out at school... having said that, it's not often I'm there, so y'know. For some reason that is unknown even to me, I end up off the train and standing in front of him, my bag on my shoulder. There's another guy, though. Another one I haven't seen before. This one is taller than me. I don't like that.

Eyeing the two up, I wonder if I would have a chance against them, but... I decide not to.

"Luca! We need you to heal Lilly!" the taller one says.

"Dude, I don't even know you. Clearly, you weren't there when I told everyone else that I don't exist to clean up your messes! I'm not your personal medic." I snap, struggling to control my temper.

"Oh, I'm Gemme's brother." The ginger one growls. I see that now - the eyes. "The girl who's heart you have torn to pieces?" I arch an eyebrow at him.

"I wasn't talking to you; I was talking to the freaky tall one who looks like he hasn't been outside for a long time." I tell him coldly, and look back at the other guy expectantly, hoping he will get the message and tell me he'll take her to the hospital instead. But Gemme's brother, Ike, I think his name is, speaks before the tall one can say anything.

"Still doesn't excuse the fact you made Gemme almost destroy her house!" I might slap him.

"I didn't make her do anything. I didn't make her think she's in love with me. I didn't make her an idiot. Leave me alone, I'm trying to talk to... him." I gesture to the guy behind him.

"Adrian," he tells me. I nod. "Listen, Lilly needs-"

"A hospital," I cut him off as Ike begins to speak again.

"No but you didn't have to be so heartless, all she wants is you, she would give her life for you; then you throw her away!" I try to stay calm.

"You're being really thick. How can I explain this to you?" I think for a moment and think about the irony of my nickname: Cancer. "Right. Maybe this one will go through your apparently thick skull. I'm like a cancer - and I don't mean the zodiac kind. I mean the kind you get from smoking, yeah?" He's not looking especially impressed, either. Adrian is fidgeting like he wants to just pick me up and drag me kicking and screaming back to Lilly. Hah. Good luck with that one, my pallid friend. "I get into people's lives, I make a huge old mess of it, I'm really hard to get out of it and then eventually the person is destroyed. Does this make sense to you?"

"The only way you are destroying her life is by not being in it." Ike says and I roll my eyes.

"Wow. I thought I'd heard cheesy lines in the past. But that one wins, I think."

"Seriously. Lilly is on her own - she needs you!" Adrian pleads and I shoot him an icy glance.

"Well that was really stupid, wasn't it?" Ike's hand balls into a tight fist, but he manages not to punch me somehow.

"Do you really want to destroy her life like this? Do you even know what Love is?" He asks, his voice strained as he tries not to beat me to a pulp. I smile tightly at him.

"No, of course not. To both questions." I tell him simply.

"Then just... talk to her." Ike flexes his hand, as if trying to work off the tightness in his muscles from having it in a fist.

"Uh... Ike? We need to help Lilly, first," Adrian says. Suddenly, helping Lilly seems like much more fun.

"Whatever. Where's Lilly? Let's just go." I say, ushering him off the platform.

"Adrian, go with him. I have to go stop Gemme from killing people." Ike sighs, giving in. So I follow Adrian out of the station. Next time, I'll make sure I'm not so lazy and get the coach before everyone can find me.

The End

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