Libra: The Poison Effect

There were images flying through my head. God it hurt.
I fell to the floor and felt teeth go into my hand. Someone was over me but I didn’t know who. Something wet fell onto my face. Tears, In the distance I heard voices.

“I’m so sorry Lilly! It’s gunna be alright soon, I promise.” More teeth. Then light… and clanging, like stairs.

“What the hell did you do Adrian!” someone shouted. 

“I’m sorry Ike! I didn’t mean too!” Ike? I thought he was with Gemme. Something grabbed my other hand and started rubbing it. 

“I can’t do anything else Ike! I’ve sucked most of the poisen.” sobbed Adrian.

“Go and get Luca” growled Ike through his teeth.  More light and clanging. “How do we solve a problem like Lilly?” Ike mumbled. He lifted me onto his lap and hugged me. Rocking me and stroking my hair he tried to talk to me.

“Gemme wasn’t there Lilly” he said softly “are you sure it was her?” I tried to say something but it came out slurred. “Lilly can you here me?” I tried to nod.

“Station” I muttered.


“Station” I mumbled a little louder. I think the poison was wearing off.

“What about the station Lilly?” he asked.

“Gemme” I stuttered.

“Gemme? What would she be doing at the station Lilly?”



“Hmmm?” I garbled

“What about Luca Lilly?”

“Fight” I could tell I was confusing him but I couldn’t say anything  else. It hurt.

“shh Lilly, Help will be coming soon OK.” I nodded and leaned into him. He put his head onto my shoulder.

“It hurts Ike” I moaned, at least I could say more then one word.

“I know, Luca will be coming soon.”

"I know you want to go Ike"

"Go where?"

"With Adrian. I know you don't trust him. I also know you want to go and find Gemme before she does something stupid" He sighed. "Go."

"What about you?"

"Im talking arnt I? I'll be fine. Your sisters way too important to you. You only just found her. Go."

"Fine, don't do anything stupid while I'm gone though!"

"Highly unlikely." I smile.

"Funny Lilly." He helps me sit by the wall, gives me the once over and leaves. I just hpe the others get here soon.

Train station:
I ran all the way hear.

“Gemme!” I panted “where’s Luca?!”
“Why?!” she snapped.

“Lilly’s in big trouble! I didn’t mean too!”


“Just help me! Have you still got those alarms?” I didn’t wait for the answer. “Just go and get the others down at my place, there in the cellar” I started running again, desperately trying to find Luca.

The End

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