Gemme: Cold

I was a little taken aback by him, but I knew, I knew it wasn't him at least. That's what I told myself. "Well, I do." I growled in return. "I could change your mind you know," I motioned toward his bag, "about taking drugs."

"I wasn't going to. I just have a hard time controlling telekinesis sometimes, when I'm thinking. I lose focus on it and whet I think about tends to end up in my hands."

"Luca," I said, deciding to be blunt, I didn't want to prolong the hurt further. "Where do I stand with you, what do you want me to do?" I could be just as cold as he could, I just didn’t want to.

"You're a friend, and as much as I like you, even in this short amount of time, I can't stick around. You'll end up hurt, and I don't want that to happen."

"So that's why you're leaving, because you’re afraid I'll end up hurt?" I didn’t want to sound like a parrot; I just had to make sure.

"I'm not afraid, it's not a case of 'it might happen', it's a case of when, and how. I can't do that to you. I've done to too many people already,"

"Sweet. Really." I sighed, but this was a softer side to him, I knew he wasn't so cold all the time. "Luca, I'm not as weak as you're making me out to be!"

"No, you're stronger than the average human, granted. But how much of me do you know, really?"

"I know you have killed, that you deal drugs and that you push people away although I don't know why. I believe however that there is a softer side to you than you put forward." I didn’t know who I was actually explaining to, but I hoped he would believe me.

"I destroy lives, whether I mean to or not. My temper snaps in a heartbeat. When my temper snaps like that I can't control my powers and telekinesis is so dangerous. What if you were around when that happened?"

"I could help you." I looked into his deep brown eyes. "I can help you control it."

"I've been trying to control it since I was six. If I haven't managed it in the last eleven and a half years, I doubt anyone else will."

I reached up a hand to his cheek, hoping he wouldn't flinch away from me, touch helps me channel my powers better. I tapped into his head, channelling his powers I made his phone rise from my pocket. "I can try."

"Stop it," he growled a muscle in his jaw jumping.

"What?" I let the phone drop, catching it as it fell.

"Don't just go into my head like that."

"I'm... I'm sorry. I won't do it again; I won't see anything you don't want me to."

"It's not about what you'll see! It felt weird."

"Oh! Still, I'm sorry. But, I can help you control it, yourself, if you let me."

He shook his head and got up, using the telekinesis to pick up his bag and keep his focus on what he was doing. "No. What both of us need is for me to get the hell out of this place."

That was it. I grabbed his arm. "Who are you to tell me what I need?" I snapped at him, I had, had enough of him trying to protect me.

"I am quite capable of becoming your worst nightmare, Gemme, but I don't want to be. This is as much for me as it is for you; If not more."

"Why won't you just give up and let me help you!?" I couldn't stop the growl that pushed its way out my throat. "Then become my worst nightmare, but I don't think you can."

He laughed. "Fine, okay." He jumped down onto the tracks and began to follow them down the line.

"What are you doing now?" I felt a little tired of being pulled this way and that.

"Leaving; you drive me nuts. I can't stay in this town any longer with you hanging around telling me you can control my power better than I can," There was a sound of Velcro as he caught his knife from his bag, pointing it at me.

"Try it." I growled again, sending the high pitch noise through his head again; although that was the least I could do. I knew that if he pushed me further I was going to break again. But I wasn’t about to break down.

The noise only seemed to make him angrier. Having heard it once before, it didn't have the effect it was meant to, and the old planks of wood between the metal rails in the track tore themselves up, flying towards her as Luca closed his eyes against the sound. I looked at the wood, deflecting them with his telepathic powers. As he tore my heart apart I felt myself get hot again as Ike got closer and closer to the station.

As his own power was used against him, he shouted wordlessly, irritated more by this than anything else. He swore and dropped the wood, apparently struggling to keep hold of his own knife.

I tore the knife from his hand, pointing it midair at Luca. "This is your best?" I growled. "This is you being my worst nightmare?"

"No," he laughed. This time, it wasn't the telekinesis acting on its own; his hand went to his pocket and he lifted Aaron's gun out. But he didn't point it at me; he pointed it at his own head. "Better?"

"You can't die Luca," I dropped the knife, this might have been true but I still didn't want to see it. I dropped the knife focusing on the gun. "I knew I shouldn't have told you anything." I sighed, trying my best to cool myself down.

"I know I can't die, but I can still put myself in a coma." he yelled, his finger tightening threateningly.

"Then I would never leave your side."

"Why won't you leave me alone?!" he screamed.

"I can't!"

"Why not?"

"You'll hate me if I say it, even more than you do now."

"What's the difference then? I already hate you enough to want to kill myself, you might as well tell me!"

"You already know!" I sobbed, he was right, essentially I was killing him.

"You can't! You can't love me. It's impossible!" his face twisted and he threw the gun down the tracks, his telekinesis taking it farther than was naturally possible until it clattered down to the ground between the rails. He spun around, facing away from me, and clutched at his hair, shouting still.

"Why is it?!"

"You don't even know me, for a start. No one can. No one will. I don't want people to try and understand, or love me. I could have got out of the drug dens ages ago, but I stayed because I liked people being too far gone to know what their own name was let alone mine. I don't wanna be known, and I don't want to be loved."

"You want to live alone for eternity?"

"YES!" He began to walk again.

I used his powers to pick up the gun then aimed it at him. "You're lying, you must be. No... You have to be."

"What is so hard to understand about me liking to be alone?"

"Just stop walking, stop running!" I ran after him, "if you wanted to be alone, why did you call me your friend, why did you fight for me, why did you stay with me when I needed you most, why didn't you leave me when I first met you!" I screamed, ignoring the people now looking at us.

"I don't know, I don't know!" He snapped, also beginning to run. I used my powers to create a wall in front of him. "Then you can't want to be alone."

"I do," he stopped at the wall and turned to face me. The way he backed up against the wall, you'd have thought he was trying to become a part of it.

"You don't." I took a step forward, holding a hand out. "Please, may I?"

"May you what?" he asked warily.

"I want to see if you're lying."

He narrowed his eyes. "Fine." he spat, sticking out his hand

I grabbed his hand with mine. I closed my eyes, the wall behind him fading as I concentrated hard. "I'm sorry if this feels strange." I murmured. His hand tightened around mine as I pushed into his mind and a low growl escaped him, I squeezed his hand comfortingly in return, muttering my apologies once more. There I saw fragments of the drug den, of how calm he had felt even though he wasn’t on drugs. I fell to my knees, instantly letting go of his hand. It was true. Everything he said was true. Tears spilt over my cheeks again and I cursed myself. I sat back, pulling my knees up to my stomach. “I’m sorry. I believe you now. I’m sorry I was ever a nuisance to you.”

He pulled me up, off the train tracks, “and this is what I was trying to avoid." he said bitterly as the train he had been waiting for rushed past us into the station.

"Yeah, well you can go now if you want. I won't stop you, if I do just ignore me." I spoke rather coldly, absently staring in front of me.

"I'm sorry," He picked up his bag and jogged back to the station.

"No you're not." I shouted after him. "You're too cold for that." I murmured.

The End

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