Scorpio: The Monster in Control

I went blank for a while, supreme bliss with the sensual feeling of the alcohols toxins mixing with my own that made me shiver with pleasure. Then I woke up, but as usual, I wasn't myself, I was him, seeing through his eyes, doing what he wanted to do. Ike was gone yet Lilly remained.

She seemed relieved my body had awakened, a vague memory in me wanted to warn her I wasn't in control, that I'd hurt people before but i couldn't I just watched like a spectator, barely interested in what was going on, like watching a movie.

She touched me. grabbed my arm. I frowned inside, she should no better, she was trying to talk to me, get me to talk.

She looked at her hand, her blood vessels turned black/purple, she seemed frightened.

I grabbed her, the monster kissed her, sending the blood around her mouth to turn black, her blush deep purple. She tried to fight me off but the monster just roared with laughter.

"What is wrong with you?" she shouts, she uses her power, it is faint as she begins to lose  conciousness, "oh no, Ike!" she now knew I wasn't in control.

"Ike, he doesn't love you, he just wants you, that's all he's into," her head is swooning and the monsters death grips grabs her before she can fall.

"You're lying!" she argues, I was amazed at how long she was lasting.

When I enter this state, this alcohol ridden state, where I lose myself, it brings out my worst emotions, domination, jealousy, over passionate, cunning.

"Really?" he stares at her, "he can read your very mind, make you feel things you don't really feel, all to satisfy himself," the monster chides laughing.

"NO!" she cries, "Adrian, I know you're in there, get out, help me, maybe you can suck the poison out if you can put it in!"

"honey, the Adrian you know is long gone," he laughs malicously. For once I fight it. Screw this numbness, I needed to help her.

She can't die, but she can still be hurt. I would have to remember this as I slowly began to exit my stupor.

The End

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