Libra: Nice but Idiotic

Ike gave Adrian alcohol. Idiot. “Why did you steel that wine Ike! And why the hell did you give it to Adrian, were supposed to be helping him, not getting him bloody drunk!” I barked at him with a stare. Adrian started to foam at the mouth, “Jesus Ike! Now what do we do!….”

“Call for the others!”

“Most of them are in school though.” I whined.

“We’ll have to take him back to the cellar.”

“How exactly?! We can’t touch him Ike!…. Or can we? Maybe he can’t hurt zodiacs…” I walked slowly towards Adrian and looked in his eyes. He looked crazed. I got the sleeve of my shirt and wiped his mouth. “Ewww!” I whispered to myself. But the good news was I didn’t get hurt. “Ok Adrian…. Were going to take you back now. OK?” Nothing. “Ike can you grab his shoulder and create an illusion for everyone around us. We can’t exactly take him down the street in this state can we?” He chuckled but agreed and walked to the other side of Adrian. Luckily we didn’t go too far from the house.

We sat him down by the wall and gave him some water to sober up.
“You know Ike you’re a great guy and everything but sometimes you can be such an idiot.” I smiled up at him. I walked over to my scales and noticed they were tipped slightly to the left. “Err, Ike? Are you ok?”

“Yeah I’m fine Lilly. Why?”

“The scales have tipped, but only slightly.”

“What does that mean?”

“Well I have a sort of theory on this. When It was just me and mum,” I breathed heavily and Ike put his arm around me. “When we used to have an argument it would tip. But now that there’s thirteen zodiacs we that we know of, I think it might be picking up on all of our energy.”

“You mean it can tell if one of us is in trouble?”

“I think so” I replied. “Wait there I’m gunna check on everyone.”

“How exactly are you gunna do that?”

“Think about the star sign Libra, what do they do the best?” I left him too ponder and closed my eyes, going through everybody’s eyes to check if there ok. That’s when I came to Gemme. She was crying.

“Ike…. It’s Gemme.” I said quietly.

“What’s happened?!”

“Luca has left her. She feels alone. I think you should go see her.”

“Where is she?”

“Her apartment”

“You sure your gunna be OK without me, you know with Adrian sobering up and everything.”

“I think so, I’ll just check on the scales every now and then until he wakes up.” I smiled. He nodded and walked to the staires. “Oh! And don’t do anything stupid will you, come back as soon as you can too.” He promised and left. Ten minuets later Adrian woke up.

The End

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