Gemme: Broken

I sat on the floor, he wasn't back. He should be back by now, he hasn't come back yet. He's left me hasn't he, gone? No... he said... he, he promised. No he didn't. "Oh wake up Gemme! He doesn't want you. Leave it." Oh shut up. I don't need you. "Of course you need me. I am you. You are me!" Oh just shut up! I have no time to think, if I think it will make everything worse.

I sighed, letting myself fall to the floor I brought my knees up to my chest, circling my arms around them. Love, what is love? It is a foolish thing. It is blind and evil and decieved. I sigh again. I can't help it when tears begin to fall over my cheeks, he has left me. Now I have nothing, I'm useless to everyone.

I can feel it again, the pain searing in my head like a wild fire. It spread throughout everything. My tears cooled my cheek as my body became hot, the pain racking my body. I pleaded, hoped that Ike would leave the range so I would become powerless again. But it didn't stop. I let out a shrill scream as a burst of energy left me, shattering eveything in its path. "Why..." I cried as my body slowly began to cool again. Right at that moment I felt Ike ask me what was wrong but I was in no mood to talk to him. I was broken and of no use to anyone.

"I knew it." I let out one final sigh, pushing my hair from my face. "I ruined everything." I closed my eyes, using my power and Ike's to find Luca... his mind, he had gone to the train station. I would never be able to catch up with him, not now. I placed a hand to my cheek, savouring his kiss; the kiss he left me before he himself left. "I'm sorry." I muttered into his mind. "I'm so sorry..." That was all I could say before the tears began to fall again... why am I so foolish?

The End

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