Taurus: More than what you seem

Luca left almost straight away and I followed him quietly.

He went all the way to the edge of town to the train station.

"Luca" I shout. He turns and his eyes go wide.

"What do you want? You can't stop me" he says through his teeth.

"I'm not here to stop you" I say shaking my head.

"Then leave me alone"

"I just want to say Luca you may have done bad things but you're more than you seem" Then with that I turn and walked off. There's no point in stopping him. It's his choice if he wants to leave.

But Gemme's going to be sad......

I run back to the bar where Arch is talking to the family quietly.

Arch is also more than she seems. She acts brave but that's how she keeps the pain away....... she lets no one truely in.

I sigh and go over to check on everyone.

"Everyone alright?" I ask. Just then the back door opens.

"Oh, shoot" a voice says. We all turn to see another goon standing paralyzed.

Arch brings up her gun.

"Move and you're dead" she tells him and I watch him put up his hands in a peace gesture.

"Now we have a few questions" I say.

The End

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