Scorpio: Drinking

We continue to walk.

My thoughts stray continuously to point in my life, how I used to go to parties and drink loads, friends would marvel at me not getting drunk, but in that state the monster takes over.

It's my 13th birthday, I go to a party at a mates house, his parents are away and he brings out the vodka. I drink three bottles, stare around me. My younger self is there, he grabs me then disappears.

It's like looking through someone elses eyes, I'm doing things I don't want to. I grab hold of a girl, kiss her and she is drawn to me, but her eyes flutter and purple blood pumps to her cheeks. I breath on her neck, kiss it, bite it.

She is dead.

I remember waking up in the morning, my friends around the body. The police chalked it up to major alcohol poisoning. Apparently my poison is stronger when I'm drinking.

After that I began drinking alot, losing all my worries and problems for the short time he is in charge, but it causes death, and I allowed this.

Then Ike shows me two bottles of wine he'd snatched from my cellar.

I cannot resist. I snatch one, drink it in a couple of large gulps.

Immediately I begin to feel strange, venom dripping down my mouth, foaming. And I forget everything. Blissful ignorance.

The End

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