Cancer: I'm not your healing hands.

I'm still reeling from Gemme's words. Love? After two days? It's ridiculous, and... just plain weird, to be honest. I'm not a loveable person, despite what Gemme might think. The drugs were a lifestyle, a habit, and they had twisted me into the person I am today. She may think that they're not me, but she's wrong.

Thankfully, before I can think about it any more, my phone rings. I pull away from Gemme and dig it out of my pocket. I look at the caller ID and don't recognise the number. With a frown, I tap the answer button and hold it to my ear almost cautiously.

"Who is it?" I ask warily. There's this thing about getting calls from numbers I don't know. Usually it's someone pranking me, telling me they're gonna kill me because they're too high to remember that you don't pick a fight with me, or more recently, it's the other zodiacs. I'd really like to know how they got my number, actually.

"It's Thorn," he begins. And I hang up. I'm not interested, have they still not got that? My phone rings again. Same number. I glare at it for a while until it goes to answer phone. And then it rings again! Fine!

"What?" I snap into the phone.

"It's Cassie, Luca. She needs your help."

"My help. Why my help?"

"You can heal injuries. We can't." It's a fair observation but...

"I'm not your bloody medic, Thorn. Take her to a hospital." I tell him coldly. It's true, though. If I wanted to be their healing hands, I think I would have like... chosen to go with them.

"There's no time. We need you right now. Have a heart, Luca." He says and then tells me where they are. I don't want to go. I throw my phone across the room in answer to his pleas and the back of the casing flies off, the battery with it as it lands on the other side of the wall. Gemme cringes at the snap in my mood and I grimace.

"Sorry," I mutter. I glance at the table and the drugs on its surface. Gemme doesn't need that around. With a sigh, I sweep it all back into my bag, not moving from the chair as I try to decide whether I should go or not. That's when I have an idea. I put one change of clothes in my bag and hope that Gemme doesn't see the idea in my head, or the clothes going into my bag under the table.

"Right. I'm going to go and heal Cassie, tell them where to go... again. And then I'll be right back, okay?" I say. Not giving her a chance to respond, I kiss her on the cheek and leave before she can stop me. I ran pretty much all the way to the place where Cassie was bleeding half to death and I didn't stop to talk to any of them. Ignoring their words as I arrive, I go straight to Cassie and put my hands on her temples, flooding her body with healing energy. God, that sounds cheesy.

Her eyelids flutter and I take my hands away.

"Try not to move her around too much, and give her some pain killers. I'm not here to clean up your messes, okay? Don't drag me into this again," irritation colours my voice as I talk and without another word, I stalk out of the building, finding my way to the edge of town, where the train station sat waiting for me.  

First train out of here, please.

The End

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