Capricorn: Dreaming

"Huh? Where am I?" I try to say aloud, but my voice echoes around. I stand at the top of a snowy mountain, the snow pink. The sky is purple and orange, with a green moon.

I walk down the mountain, not paying any attention. Ahead of me a huge mirror like void in the sky opens up. I see figures in it, people like Arch and Thorn. My mother and father.

"Mother and father... They are not my parents!"  

"But they are," a child version of me apperes to the left of me says. "They were the ones who looked after you when you fell of a horse at eight and put you back on it to make you confident again."

"Yes," I retort, "But what about everybody lieing to me."

"They didn't know," a woman who looks just like me but older around 20-25. "How could they have known who you really were? They just thought you were a poor little orphan."

"BUT I AM!" My scream echoes around for three minutes. "What do I do?" I collapse on the floor burring my head in my hands.

It will come to you in time, just keep calm.

I look into the void to see the picture change, showing Marcus on the phone, shouting and cursing.

I see everyone, in different places, all in danger all fighting. Then, just like that bam! We were all together at once. All using our powers. Then the weirest thing on my behalf. I fight, like a super ninja, flipping with my awesome balance.

Then I see myself on New Year's day a few years ago showing off flipping on bannisters and jumping over people, oh how we all laughed when I lost my concentration and fell on Jim.

I laugh in this weird place. Looking around I see figures, closer and closer to me. Shadows. "It will end, it will all end..."

There it went black. Again.

The End

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