Saggitarius: Hi boys

We approach the bar silently and I gesture to Thorn to be quiet. He nods and we walk slowly.

"She's not dead" someone squels. "All that blood and she's not dead, maybe that man was right sir"

"Shut up" a voice shouts who's so obviously in charge. "We'll take her back to base and run test" Then I hear the sound of retreting footsteps.

"Boss man's gone a bit over board" a new voice says. "I mean they're just kids"

"One of those kids killed my brother" the first voice I heard says. Okay goon one and goon two, that's their new names. I turn to look at Thorn.

"In three" I whisper.

"Three...... Two...." I step up to face the door. "One" I kick out and the door crashes down. Goon one and two turn to look shocked.

"Hi boys" I say smiling then wasting no time I create a gun and fire two bullets.

They fall to the floor in a heap and then I see Cassie.

"Shoot" I hiss running over to her. Thorn follow quickly. "She is losing a lot of blood"

I create a phone and throw it to Thorn whose untying the parents. He catches it.

"Call Luca" I hiss sitting Cassie up and examining the back of her head.

He nods and finishes untying the parents.

They look frightened to the bone and shuffle slowly over to their daughter before breaking down in sobs. Thorn unties everyone else then calls Luca.

Let's hope he has some sort of heart......

The End

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