Scorpio: Morose

We walk through the back streets keeping little attention whilst taking in the sun, it was worth a shot, scorpions like the sun.

My mind constantly wanders back to my past, the thing I had wanted to tell her when she had given up.

The monster that always follows me had been there from time to time in my past, I had thought it was an imaginitive friend, but when he appeared my powers would come into effect.

I remember my dad and I had had a particularly violent fight were he had beat me and left me in my room. My other side told me to hug him, so I did, then he was writhing on the floor, the poison ripping his tissue. My first kiss, I did what he said, grabbed her arms, kissed her. She went into a coma then broke up with me, her near death experience had told her I wasnt good for her.

There was so much more, such deep dark secrets, and the monster in my head, always there, telling me to do things, sometimes he is helpful sometimes he is hurtful, always out for himself. But he is good in a fight, like I can see what my enemy will do seconds before they do it.

Right now Lilly is walking with Ike, they are talking and I am behind them, morose.

He could give her things I could not, security, loveable.

The End

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